Events Feedback


I just wanted to pop in and say that I am loving the way the strike events have been arranged. It’s great to spread them out through the week and have a nice mix of the number of fights required to win too.

Am also loving the dino weekly events since they started grouping them together to give more shots and options on which dna to go for.

The only events that could do with some tinkering for me is the treasure box. Being rural I struggle to find many and am lucky to get 1 in the limited time frame. So I would say more chests in rural locations please if you are only giving a few hours because it can take that long to organise a trip into town :wink:

All in all I love the game, thanks. Though apart from my vip I dont put real money into the game as prices are really crazy high and £50 for an incubator or a one time ‘special offer’ is just insane.