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Events maxed out attempts without the attempts

Today I made two attempts to get blue during the event. I chose not to do anymore as I was driving passenger and wanted to focus on getting them. Later when I had the chance it said max attempts reached. This is crap as I made two attempts and now I don’t have the availablity. I also had paid 200 to make another attempt for indoraptor and moved past it while my friend was driving. When I came back to another one it asked for my $200 again. This game is starting to get ridiculous and not worth it.

When you say you made 2 attempts for Blue, did you do 4 attempts on Pyroraptor. Because the 6 attempts is across both dinos, not 6 attempts on each.

What indoraptor? You mean the Indominus Rex strike tower? When you paid the first 200 did you do the fight or did the car go too fast? It may have been because you paid then was instantly out of range.

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Hey Dresden2680, if you didn’t get a chance to re-try the Strike tower challenge after paying the fee, email our staff here at with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account and assist you.