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Events no working

How come I keep getting no events when they are going?

Hey there @Brsteelers74, I’m not sure why you’re not seeing any events in your game but our support team would be glad to investigate - send them an e-mail at and, if you can remember it, include your support key so that they can find you faster in their system.

@Brsteelers74 I am not sure if it will help you or if you have tried it but I never get the new events unless I have either turned off my phone or swiped the game off and reloaded it.

I always have to close app and restart it, for certain daily updates to show up. I like that game doesn’t restart every time you minimize it. The down side is that it requires players to understand, when they need to be restarting. That’s 8:00 am my time, or anytime they send out a message, x event is going on.

It’s working now but that wasn’t 1st time it has happened. Will email support if it happens again. Thanks