Events Radius

Just a quick suggestion.

We have the outter radius, where if a dinosaur is inside it then we can dart it.

However if the event is in the outter radius, then we can’t. The event must be in the close radius.

I believe this should be extended and should be possible in the outta radius also.

Why? An event offers fixed rewards on completion, darting a Dino offers more time the closer you are.

If your close enough to see it, it’s close enough to walk to.

I’ll admit this would be kinda nice, where strike towers are located most of the time make me feel so awkward standing there… For instance on a main road where you have to stand there on the path during the battles, its not so bad if its a 1 step you can press on it, then walk off but standing there during a 10 step. Yes you may say go to another location of the tower but you can possibly come across the same thing. Let’s be honest most of us would like to sit down while battling, unless you drive which I don’t personally then you will most likely just have to stand there awkwardly


Yeah exactly. The game even advises that you don’t drive, but even then you can sometime look like an idiot. Where an event spawns near my house it’s literally on a road with no path like a backlane. But it’s in the outta radius. Plus if you have an epic event with 10 steps and it’s heavy rain. May chose to stay home but want to do it. So it be beneficial in many ways. Your still in the overall radius

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