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Event's reward

Hello everybody,
what do you think about the rewards of the events? For ex. test of might.
Aren’t they really low? in comparison to the effort, gold spent and number of items you need to level?

You are correct. I suspect only fools and completionists bother with many of these ToM events.

tl;dr not worth it.
10 wins for the first 2 rounds was worthwhile, almost, for me, until I found out I needed another 30 for the third round. 30 wins in PvP is silly, even with the free-reset-book, as the matching mechanism means you lose easily half or more battles. I’m matched against players 800 trophies higher. And the reward is a single Legendary. 1 random legendary is worth less than 1250 gems, and I can earn that and more doing challenge runs in the same time it takes to win 30 rigged PvPs.

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