Events ruin standard pvp

With so many people gaming the system, regular pvp matches are a dumpster fire. I just fought someone(first fight of the day) with a score over 400 points lower than me at 2900 who I had no chance against. All lvl 17s just spanked my 14th crew in the first round. The losses for that take forever to reclaim if ever. No way I believe that dude had a legit 2700 score. Fine for him playing the event, but when they get matched up with those of us just trying to get a chest, it SUCKS!


I have played one PvP match today. Even though it was a Battle Mode match, the event algorithm dictated the match-up and it pitted me against a much weaker player (with almost 1000 fewer Battle Mode trophies). This was completely unfair to my opponent.

However, the Ludians will disagree with our assessment. I am certain they would say It is all “working as intended” :wink:

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I think the key is to not put too much emphasis on trophy counts, unless it’s near the end of the season.

Normal battle mode trophy counts can be considered a mechanism that facilitates “Promotion until failure”.

In my opinion, most people would have a much better time conceding against players and only winning against AI until the end of the month. See this thought experiment here: