Events: what they *should* be

Ludia, please listen. I really do like this game, and most of it I enjoy. But your “events” are very bad. They are not just un-fun, they are downright frustrating. AND they cost gems to complete.

As a player who has experienced other collect-and-power-up-your-heroes games, I encourage you to please investigate how other games handle Events.

You will find that in other games, events are something special for the players. The player base is actually excited to have an Event in other games. Why? Because their events are PVE, not PVP, and they are free to participate in. Their events usually consist of some or all of the following:

  1. New (temporary for the duration of the event) PVE area for the heroes to conquer.
  2. A huge boss which is unkillable by a single player, but each player damages it a bit, and given enough participation over the course of the event, it is eventually killed and all participants get the reward.
  3. Earn points for certain activities (similar to Dailies), get enough points and win the rewards.
  4. Participation is free. You don’t need to spend in-game currency to succeed at the event.

Structure your events this way, and people will actually enjoy your events. This is the only game I have ever played where I have ever heard someone say “I’m sitting out this event.” That should tell you something is wrong.

Success in events should be based on the player’s ability to put time into it, and upon the heroes power (sorry, but beginner heroes shouldn’t get the same rewards as high level heroes.). It should not be based on spending gems to get through it.

And please be willing to acknowledge that basing an event on PVP is not a good idea. It’s not a good idea in it’s own right, but then it is further compounded by the fact that you can’t seem to create reasonable matchmaking.

I can live with the flawed PVP system when we only have to get a handful of wins per day to keep battle chests populated. Forcing us to try to win 50 battles (or more) for an event only shines a terribly bright light on the most flawed aspect of your game.

Please adjust your events to be more like those of pretty much every other successful game on the market.

Thank you for listening.

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Maybe there could be pve events where it’s some form of story? Like escorting a merchant caravan through a mountain pass, and you’re able to have one of the travelers join your party for that period of time. It would change things up and be exciting!

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