Eventual Raid(Suggestion)

Hello, how are you? I would like to present my idea of ​​being able to do a raid that is active throughout the week, that’s right, from Monday to Sunday. The idea could start with including about 3 raids a month, the first rare of a rare hybrid, an example “Purrolyth boss” would be the protagonist of the first week of the month, from Monday to Sunday of that week he enjoys being able to do his raid every 24 hours. In order to earn a reward from your DNA.


Also after that week a new exclusive boss for that entire week is proposed. The brontolasmus. This would be epic and hybrid, with resistant qualities, so it would be a challenge for your ferocious dinos.


The last and third week of the month in which the eventual raid would take place, the fierce Dracoceratops would be making its debut in its assault room, just to give an example, it would be to deploy your team for a week every 24 hours to be able to get DNA of this legendary hybrid. Exclusive only for that week in raid format.


What do you think about this? What hybrid creatures of minor to unique rarity would you propose for your eventual raids next month? Comment, Thanks for your attention

There are 4 weeks in a month

I knew that… :face_with_monocle::thinking:

You only had 3 weeks

Amm yes, cause they eventual raid’s project starts bit only 3 Rarity Rank, a Unique eventual raid maybe too hard to win all the times, for that reason i Guess, is better start with a simple and easy raid, that You can do without a strategy, very simple, a Unique raid in the fourth week Will become a headache for the players and we have tournaments, raids for monday to Sunday. Thats the reason why i didnt put a raid there.