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Ever experienced same dino line up?


Curious question here, as I think the chances here are pretty low, although maybe not the higher up in the arenas you are.

But how often do you come across opponents that bring out the same dinos and same levels as you? Now I don’t mean the odd time you might bring out a lvl 15 TRex and your opponent does too, but I mean 3 dinos in a row. This is what just happened to me…

I bring out Ankylocodon lvl 18 opponent brings out Ankylocodon lvl 18 I was only first on the first hit, they were first on every other hit.

I then bring out Velociraptor lvl 18 opponent brings out Velociraptor lvl 18, of course they knew i had that dino because I had to bring it out to kill the Ankylocodon. So they get the heads up to tap first to pounce kill my Velo.

I then bring out Stegoceraptops lvl 16 opponent swaps to Stegoceratops lvl 16. I’m thinking here is this a bot?

So I then swap to my Amargocephalus but before the end of the fight the opponent changed to TRex lvl 15 so broke the rhythm of having exact same dinos and lvls.

Have you ever experienced a time where your dinos have matched the opponents so closely even to the exact level before?


i think you have found your soul mate :heart_eyes::wink:


But it didn’t end in a draw, they beat me! Why soul mate why! :sob:

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