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Ever since the reshuffle

It’s dumb how we can’t unlock most of the lower tier creatures now… I played this game back in 2018, took a 2 year long break, came back to it around mid-February last month when the Erlikosaurus tournament happened (and after some research I found out this thing called the “reshuffle” happened, making newer players unable to unlock lots of common, rare and super rare dinos). That means, thankfully, that I am a pre-reshuffle player, and I have all the common and rare dinos unlocked, the only ones I’m missing from the super rare category right now are Sarkastodon, Aerotitan, Leptocleidus and Elasmosaurus (and of course, I’m excluding all hybrids and super hybrids when I talk about unlocks).

Why is this a thing now? Personally I don’t have any tourney hybrids unlocked, and Dunkelosaurus is (hopefully) gonna be my first unlocked tourney hybrid at the end of this week. Like, why am I unlocking Dunkleosaurus before a stupid Leptocleidus? Makes no sense… and personally this infuriates me because I am a creature COLLECTOR (meaning I collect level 40 versions of all creatures in the game), it is a goal I set for myself ever since I started playing this and seeing the game head down this direction is kinda upsetting. I literally just unlocked T-rex Gen 2, I wonder how long it will take before I can unlock Leedsicthys, Hyneria and Pliosaurus (those three are the only “normal” legendary unlocks that I’m missing unlocks, as of now).

Thank goodness I played this game before the reshuffle, I was thinking about creating a second account for fun but now it is a big no-no. I regret taking that 2 year break :rofl:


You are lucky because as of now there is no Ludia bias towards unlocking of Tournament Creatures (yet) like there is with Base Creatures.

I am a Post Reshuffle player myself, and here is the list of Tournament Creature unlocks I still need : Plesiosuchus, Edestus, Gillicus, Gorgosaurus, Dracorex, Smilodon, Urtinotherium, Mastodon, Secodontosaurus, Gastornis, Arctodus, Gigantophis, Darwinopterus, Einiosaurus, Eryops, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Kelenken.

Out of which Gorgosaurus will be done by next week. Being a Post Reshuffle player too, I am not very far from unlocking all Tournament Creatures till now. Just need to clear a few more Tournaments and CoTs.

Those who missed Base Unlocks apparently have no chance, but those who missed Tournament Unlocks can at least be assured of a repeat in a few months or years.


Per l’Edestus e per il Gillicus ci sarà un torneo entro il 2022!
Per Gorgosaurus c’è Clash of Titan!

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Translated From Italian

There will be a tournament for Edestus and Gillicus by 2022!
For Gorgosaurus there is Clash of Titan!

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Oh don’t even get me started on my list of tourney creatures I need unlocked… I don’t even have half of those in THAT list unlocked, and I’m a freaking level 79 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not to mention besides two Indoraptor level 10s, I have no other super-hybrids unlocked, and as mentioned in the post, no tourney hybrids either. Dunkelosaurus is legit gonna be my first one.

Man. It’s rough

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True, but your advantage here is that you just need to play a little (okay. a lot) longer and you will reach the goal of having everything unlocked. But sadly for Post Reshuffle players, the Base Creatures prevent the tag of having everything unlocked.

I thought it was a terrible move by Ludia and I think it still is but I am extremely grateful that they made it quite easy to have Dominator finishes and CoT requirements for Tournament Creatures and eventually Hybrids. It could have been a lot, lot worse.

Ludia, kindly do not read this post… I am not giving you ideas here! :woozy_face:

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Although I didn’t have JWTG, I know all about the reshuffle!
From mod changes, to changing dino images!

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Ironically I started playing JWTG as long back as when it was first released on Android. I always preferred Park Builder since it was more colorful, and I was too lazy to move beyond park level 4 or 5 in The Game as it did not even interest me.

Builder’s death brought me back to JWTG, I took the longest break out of anyone… a break from 2015 to 2020. :rofl:

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Tell me the exact day you installed JWTG!

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Hard to say. 2015 was probably during the first few weeks of Android Release, as for later I will say I had The Game installed since early 2019 itself (or it could even be 2018) but never bothered to even open it or start it.

Do I regret my desicion? Not really. I’m glad that I enjoyed Park Builder while it lasted. The Reshuffle caused me to miss a few unlocks but that is okay since I can always max those Base Creatures using either DBs or getting from packs but I can never get Park Builder back as much as I want.

All I see is this… :flushed:

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You know, not everyone knows the JWTG story!
I think I’ll do a thread where I show what JWTG was like in 2015!
What do you think about it?


Ah you know what, forget it :rofl: there were only like, 15-ish creatures unlocked haha

I wish I can somehow find out the exact number of days I played this game… even before my 2 year break

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Sounds like a good idea, I am indeed curious how the old days were like


You have no idea!

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I know, I need so much lock creature.
PYRORAPTOR :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:


If you have an Android, you can check your Google Play Achievements to sort of see when you did start to play. I haven’t checked which achievements you get near the beginning but I do know that I unlocked most of them back when the game released in 2015.

I just checked and it looks like one of the first achievements you get is called “Ah-ah-ah” where you have to build an ACU Security Office building. I got it July 29, 2015.


I know right?? This is not cool :sweat_smile: :expressionless:

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Oh sweet! Thanks for useful info.

I just checked mine, I got it on April 28th, 2018… then the rest of the achievements were unlocked on February 15th, which I guess is the day I came back to this game about a month and a half ago

Wish there were better tracking systems though. Like an app or in-game timer where it keeps track of how many days you’ve logged in, or how many hours you played each day, etc…


I have a chart that tells me how many days I have played!
I played 32 days for a total of 32 hours of JWTG gameplay!
Also, my chart shows me how many resources I have gained or lost!