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Everthing negative about the game

first of all we cant unlock some certain creatures like pyroraptor,giga and rajasaurus
my idea is that they can create a new event for these dinos
second of all its hard to get dinobucks which helps us to speed up dinos and events
third the trade harbour needs to be buffed because we get many bad trades and rarely any good trades
fourth the pvp scale is broken
fifth the tournaments are annoying
sixth the creature hatching time is way too long
seventh the game crashes a lot
eighth the non unlockable creatures needs to have more percentage to be received from the packs
thats it
i hope the developers will fix these things

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I agree with this.

Not really, well yes maybe not as much as before but it’s not impossible. Just need to grind a little.

You must be careful there.

That’s JWA…

Annoying is a relative term. Could you specifically point out which part of tournaments you’re facing difficulty in? Perhaps we could help you out further.



let me explain the tournament part when we reach the dominator after a few hour then we are in pred league and the process repeat itself we dont have all day for tournament

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i think i said rarely good trades

i think clash of titans is better than tournaments

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The crash issue has been around for a while. At first, it annoyed me so much, but then I got used to it especially seeing that this is a common issue every (or almost every) player encounters.


There is an adjacent to pre-determined finishing score that Tournaments have.

Our star player @Sionsith makes Predictions on the finishing scores of those tournaments, he mentions the trophies you must have to secure your Dominator finish :

  • At normal circumstances.
  • For haywire brackets, some players’ Tournament brackets finish higher than how it is for others.
  • To be safe - in case you can’t be near the game during the finishing minutes, you could aim for a score that would secure your finish.

All of these are provided by him in respective tournament threads. Follow those and you would be getting a clearer idea on what you’ve to expect and what to aim for.


thx for that


Well I agree about the bucks part believe it or not bucks where found in ALL the packs common to legendary The people at ludia changed that many years ago


I rarely have the crash issue…don’t think I had a single crash in weeks.


Oh, so maybe it’s because my internet is often slow? Funny thing is that the game crashed while using another internet (Wi-Fi) server, too.


Idk…maybe it’s your device? Or I’m just lucky


I agree with number 1 and if not addressed then number 8 makes sense.

The other items are not issues but items for players to figure out how to best set their game up to work within. Or a player can spend real money to Ludia to solve any of these issues. Ludia is a for profit company and as such can’t just give everything away for free, which they basically do if you are willing to put the time in on the game.


The only crashes I’ve been experiencing so far are :

  • On login : either right at the second the game loads and opens, or if it doesn’t on login it happens on performing an action like taking a trade, etc.
  • Random crashes while scrolling through the park.

I used to have the second one, they stopped after I switched to a newer tablet.


Although you might not like to hear it, ludia have already addressed the problem with the forever locked creatures. Playable bosses.

I dont know how many times I’ve won a tuojangosaur just from beating 3 enemies and then quitting but its definitely been enough to max this creature alone purely from this event.

If your willing to put the time and effort in, copies of pyroraptor, metriorhynchus and euplocephalus are all obtainable in the boss events by reaching the higher tiers.

All achievable without spending real money. I wouldnt hold your breath on them increasing the odds for these creatures in standard PvE considering now we have an event dedicated towards gaining locked copies of the lower rarities.


I have to disagree with you. I only play to boss level 3 prize. I’ve gotten maybe two super rares, no ecoploc. I think is got para.

Bosses for unlocks is a bad answer at best.

Once I unlock pachyrhino and get one copy of the hybrid, I think I’m done with the game. (Well, maybe more than one copy, but I’ll have one copy of everything.)

No point in unlocking everything, because I cannot.

No point in level 40s of everything, because I can’t due to no unlocks.

If ludia wants to keep players for the long term post reshuffle, they had better rethink unlocks fast. Because I’m not likely to come back. At least not in any paying way.

Even if the unlocks were VIP only, at least that would be something.


Personally I agree that the playable bosses isnt really a proper solution to the problem, but ludia have provided us with this as an answer to obtaining locked copies, so I fear they wont budge from this.

Really it’s a long grind with the bosses in obtaining locked copies but it’s just another way to acheive these copies alongside PvE and PvP, I really cant be bothered to go past 1st tier anymore and really im just doing it for the extra sdna.

Just wanted to make sure that certain players wont have false hope in unlock opportunities now that ludia have shoved playable bosses in our faces :tired_face:


Playable bosses is false hope.


u haven’t seen JWA