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Every apex creature in a nutshell

Every apex creature in a nutshell

Mortem Rex
Hello I am Mortem Rex I am the first apex to be released and fans love me because I am a T. rex version of Godzilla also I might appear in the next Godzilla movie or I am Godzilla’s cousin but that’s just a theory a game theory

Hardo Lux
Hi I am Hardo Lux most of my moves are resilient type my strike, my rampage and my counter also some fans think that I am a fake lux for some reason maybe because I am an apex class or because I am a clone version of Para Lux

Hi I am frustrating Ceramagus because I have a lot of attack and the fact I have swap in stunning strike a lot of people scared and frustrated and makes people upset and a lot of people say I need a nerf and it makes me angry

Hi I am a inostrancevia with fur for some reason I also have snow on my body that glows I am not sure anyway I may not be good in raids but at least I am good in PvP because I have speed increase ability’s and a lot of resistance

An apex but with spinoconstructor DNA I don’t seem to have a lot of fans because I have bad resistances also I probably have a bad ability set up I am basically a rip off so R.I.P my soul out of my heart but I least fans love my design right

Haast Maximums
I don’t even count as a dinosaur or a reptile stranger danger

Hydra Boa
I am a dream come true because everyone wanted an apex snake and here we are now everyone is saying I have a good character design also I have the best and most broken on escape ability also I glow rainbow and everyone loves rainbow


Best description ever!!!



I know thank you

Trebax is actually a Gorgonops

That is familiar. That is really familiar.


Really good descriptions btw

That is true waiting for the nerf constricting rampage thread . He also looks more like quetzalcoatl for some reason. He also somehow has a different moddel on the logo screen then in real life

Yep and tsintaomoloch looks like a clone of hadros lux

hmm, I see you have taken inspiration from a fnaf animatronics in a nutshell video.


No offence

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