Every complaint post I do get hidden also no bonus in Calgary Canada at theatres


So every post I make pretty much complaining or having a point about the game is being hidden why?

Anyways I took bus and train and walked to closest theatres hoping for a incubator like everyone else American and there cinimas and I got nothing showI got which isn’t good kinda sucks I went all this way for something lol :joy:

Hopefully this post isn’t blocked

System blocks replies and messages it doesn’t like

Yes, it seem to be, thats the important thing for them - hiding the problems - not to solving or give a proper responde for them.


Yes this is pathetic !!


I believe the incubator is just for AMC movie theatres specifically. You might verify if there are any available in your area.


Nothing in my area or Canada :canada: no doubt !! Checked our two major cinimas took a couple hours to look but nothing what a waste of time makes me wanna play Pokémon go instead lol :joy:


I’m guessing admins have it set for select words to be noticed and the replies or topics blocked which is annoying guess you can’t complain to get others going. One message was a petition others don’t know why just didn’t like what I as saying opinions on game changes ect… anyone else being blocked? If it keeps happening we need our own forum where we can say and talk about what we like!!


Hi dinolord!

The filter is there to ensure our rules are followed but we don’t want to censor anyone, at the moment it can take moderators a few hours to get to your post. We know this is frustrating, we are frustrated too, but we getting more moderators and looking into alternate options to speed up the approval process.


Hey everyone, this event is unfortunately only available in the United States. We’re sure to have more events in the future, however, so keep your eyes peeled for these!


Pls responde something for the the problem not getting the free cash too. I have writing for you days ago but still nothing.
You know, people spend lots of their hours to get that free cash, its not too fair to simple ignore them. Thats called support not to filter some bad words.


Indepepent forum is great idea. Let me know if you have any.


Hi have a Facebook group for Canada right now


Excuses that’s all you’ll get we need in-dependant forum or even Facebook group I have is okay all I have right now for options anyone’s welcome it says Canada but really it’s a wide range of areas I will change name to world👍