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Every family that should get a new animation

Here is my prediction list of dinosaurs and creatures that should get a new /uniqe animation

Prosauruspods :
Massospondylus (common)
Mussaurus (common)
Anchisaurus (common)
Yunannosaurus (rare)
Glacialisaurus (rare)
Riojasaurus (rare)
Lemessaurus (epic)
Lufengosaurus (epic)
Plateosaurus (epic)

Small ankylosaurs and stegosaurs :
Minmi gen 2 (common)
Mymoorapelta (common)
Emuasaurus (common)
Scelidosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Dracopelta (rare)
Gargoyleosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Minmi (epic)
Scelidosaurus (epic)
Gargoyleosaurus (epic)

Megaraptoroids :
Fukuiraptor (common)
Orkoraptor (common)
Areosteon (rare)
Australovenator (rare)
Neovenator (epic)
Megaraptor (epic)

Primitive theropods :
Zupaysaurus (common)
Sinosaurus (common)
Dracovenator (rare)
Gojirasaurus (rare)
Herrerasaurus (epic)
Liliensternus (epic)
Cryolophosaurus (epic)

Small ornithoscians :
Parksosaurus (common)
Lesothosaurus (common)
Othnielia (common)
Kulindadromeus (rare)
Orodromeus (rare)
Drinker (rare)
Hypsilophodon (epic)
Dryosaurus (epic)
Hetherodontosaurus (epic)

Bovines :
Auroch (common)
Steppe bison gen 2 (common)
Euceratherium (rare)
Makapania (rare)
Steppe bison (epic)
Pelorovis (epic)

Camels :
Camelops (common)
Machrauchenia (rare)
Aepycamelus (epic)

Giant birds :
Moa (common)
Genyornis (common)
Vorombe (rare)
Moa gen 2 (rare)
Pachystruthio (epic)
Aepyornis gen 2 (epic)

Rhino like creatures :
Moeritherium (common)
Subhyracodon (common)
Trigodon (rare)
Coryphodon gen 2 (rare)
Coryphodon (epic)
Toxodon (epic)

Bears :
Sarkastodon (common)
Cave bear (common)
Diprotodon (rare)
Arctodus (rare)
Agriotherium (epic)
Arctotherium (epic)

Giraffes :
Shivatherium gen 2 (common)
Brahmatherium (common)
Hoanotherium (rare)
Shivatherium (epic)

Large rhinos :
Indricotherium gen 2 (common)
Urtinotherium (rare)
Indricotherium (epic)

Uniqe animations :

For tereor birds don’t forget gastornis(epic)
And gastornis g2(rare)

This is for new animations. Gastornis is a herbivoreus bird but he would still get the terror bird animation. Although moas etc would get a more ostrich like animation

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This was literaly me but ye, i belive it was confirmed to be herbivores give me a sec i’ll give a link i know that ben g thomas did a video on them

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Honestly nah, i think it should get the moa animation, my creature idea 4 had it as the epic, giant moa as rare and the elephant bird as common

Recent studies say that gastornis was a herbivore

Since gastornis has the terror bird animation in jurassic world the game they will probably copy that

is this about jwa? :flushed:
what are all these creatures, suggestion to include to game? what you mean new animation?

Theres defenetly much more but heres what i think of the list

Prosauropods: don’t know much about em but could defenetly add unaysaurus in there, i belive it looked like platy, plus unay is in jwtg and with rhamhorynchus has a hybrid unayrinchus, unfortanatly uses the galy animation

Small ankys and stegos: not sure if they could get their own rig in the first place, idk i feel like it’s kinda unnecesary, don’t see the list too reqested either

Megaraptoroids: i see them maybe getting their own rig, would be cool if they did, can defenetly see megaraptor, neo and australo

Primtive therpods: i mean idk, defenetly see cryo using the dilo animation. I my self don’t know a single one of those exept cryo so can’t realy say much here

Small ornithoscians: again my big brain does not know a single one but dryo, if they’re any similar to dryo tho they can defenetly get a nice cute lil rig tho(tho dryo is larger then i thought)

Bovines: auroch, steppe bison and pelorovis in particialr are strong choises defenetly would like those

Camels: isn’t there one called titano something, that one i belive was the bigest, and idk if machrauchenia realy fits it but would love them for sure

Giant birds: know like half of em, i see some strong choises, again would like gastornis in there but other then pretty cool

We could call these small rhinos maybe: would be kinda a wierd animation i know toxodon and i forgot what coryphodon is but ye would be a strange anination. However i strongly think that moetherium should use an early elephant animation

Bears:generaly like them tho sarkastodon was completly unrealated but it does use it in jwtg i guess. However diprotodon should DEFENETLY get an animation with other diprotodontids like the marsupial tapir and another one wich i forgot the name of

Giraffes: also some nice choices don’t have much more to say

Large rhinos: again some nice choises not much more to say

Theres defenetly other lizards that could use the same animation as megalania such as lapitiguana, and i know theres createcous(idk how its spelled) lizard that was like 3m i belive so defenetly some lizards for there

Not sure how many apes we have to fill that one but would love to see gigantopithecus even if alone

Idk how many monkes we got for that one but again would love to see it wven if alone

Defenerly more horses to add in there such as quaga and i know there one that starts with an H but forgot it’s name

Theres defenetly pelagornithids for that, gigantornis i belive was one, or at least smaller seagull like things like ichtyornis

Just throw some teratorns in there like teratornis it self

Protoceratops could either use a unique small ceratopsian animation(yes i’m kinda agaisn the small stego and anky one, but protocera is way too reqested), or use the ceratopsian one with a few adjusted animations, size and sounds, or use a small ceratopsian animation with idk koreoceratops, but then again proto walked on all 4s while koreo on just 2

Gigantoraptor would use the oviraptorid aniamtion or the therizino one at least

Tanystropheus is just wierd defenetly see it having it’s own one

If i know what desmatosuchus is then it would use the jumpy croc aniamtion

Similar with siats if i know what that thing is it would use the theropod animation

Yes this is for jwa. And new animation basically means new creature sound, walking and attack

Theres a few creatures that used the same animation in jwtg and then got split, spinosaurids and large theropods being the mian example

why i don’t recognize all these names? :fearful:
are they saying about current jwa creatures?

Coryphodon is a creature from jurassic park builder. And desmatosuchus is a herbivoreus crocodile like creature . The best way to describe him is that he looks like a crocodile mixed with a nodosaur

No they’re completely new creatures that could arrive in a future update

Could also happen that psittacosaurus and koreaceratops would get the stiggymoloch animation

Oh yeah that hippo thing

Desmato i guess could go like edapho does would use the tall leged croc rig but with an adjusted sant feed animation

Maybe but he could also get the ankylosaur animation since he looks almost like a nodosaur

A way to make small ankys and stegos different is giving them a shoulder bash animation like nodosaurus and sauropelta have in jurassic world evolution