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Every match I lose, I lose because of my cards being flipped down

(Edit: You want civil? Fine, Ludia, I’ll give you civil. But, please, don’t ignore this post and actually do something about it. PLEASE.)

Matchmaking is atrocious.

I’m not even talking about the supposedly-balanced imbalanced system in play, though that has a lot to do too. I’m talking about the fact that, on top of this, every single time I go into a match, I’m not even allowed to select my starting creature. The counter reaches zero, and the cards are still flipped down! Here’s some evidence:


I have several such screencaps from a whole bunch of matches just like that one. My point is, a starting creature can be the key to victory, yet I’m denied the opportunity to choose it most of the time. This is one serious bug that should be addressed soon, as I’m certain I can’t be the only one having this problem.

So, please, dear Ludia staff members, would you look into this? Thank you. :pensive:


I used to have this problem from launch until the start of last year. For me, it was an older phone issue. When I got my upgrade I never had this problem again.


That’s the thing, though. My OnePlus 3T has 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, which is a considerable step up from my older Nokia 3 TA-1038 phone with only a third of that hardware capability. How much more do I need to upgrade to?

I understand the game has some heavy requirements, but that only makes it restrictive and inaccessible to people who can’t afford a better phone–and for those who can get close enough, it’s still troublesome at best.

Did you try to restart your tel does it work for me?

Every time it happens. At best, I get one good match where my cards do flip up in time. After that, it’s back to the same issue.

I can’t remember what my old phone was but it was basically the lowest level phone that would run the game. I had a lot of issues. I upgraded to a Galaxy S10 and never had any more issues. It makes me think that so many “bugs” in the game are phone issues.

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:weary: I guess I’ll have to buy a new phone, then. RIP my piggybank :sob:

Take a look here.

You should be fine with that. I use a OnePlus 3 (not even a 3T) for my alt, and I can battle just fine. I can’t usually win speed ties because things load a little slower than they do on my main phone (OnePlus 6T), but you should definitely be able to choose your creatures and moves.

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Strange, this has never happened to me

Similar thing happens to me during Friendly Battles!