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Every new non hybrid is exclusive?

All of them say “check the event calendar.” I don’t know what I expected, or why I thought Ludia would have at least a little regard for its consumers.

EDIT: the game has been updated and this post is no longer valid


From how strong Andrewsarchus and Glyptodon looked in the patch notes I pretty much called it :roll_eyes:

I guess we have been spoiled by a lot of non-exclusives lately, but that is unfortunate. The game won’t let me check their portraits to confirm though.

No every new Dino is not exclusive! You can get them all from incubators!

And only incubators. That’s what exclusive means.

This is different though. Battle incubator exclusives like Scutosaurus say at what point in arena you can obtain them. These new ones say “event exclusive” like Diplodocus, Titanoboa, etc.



This is outrageous… I am done… but who needs new dinos when we got new emotes, right?? :unamused: pathetic

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Why even go out hunting nowdays when all DNA you find is more or less useless…?

Why don’t they offer funny dinos with dna we already have?

So apparently none of them were actually exclusive. That makes me wonder… If “exclusive” is the default state for a dino, does that mean that Acrocanthosaurus might not actually be exclusive???

I found glyptodon near my home

Guys, read the post.

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I know, I was just commenting with a relevant follow up observation :man_shrugging:

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