Every suggestion I can think of to improve the game

These are just suggestions, but I think they would improve the game immensely. Take these with a grain of salt because I know nothing about the required programming, funds, designing, etc. to make these happen, for some of them, while others should probably have been implemented since day 1.

  • Personally I think this is one of the most important ones for a fun game. Each particular Creature type should have a certain gimmick or playstyle, in the form of their moves, stats or new passive abilities, while still following the preexisting Class system.

I liked the infographic they showed off back then, with the stegosaurs as decelerating specialists and whatnot. We need more of that.

Maybe like, Flying creatures do more damage to or resist Flocks, while dealing less damage to Stegosaurs?

Or Crocodilian creatures increase their damage when the opponent Swaps in, to represent their ambush methods, with longer Cooldowns as crocodiles need to literally cool down when out of water.

Or Spinosaurus-types and Pelycosaurs have shorter or no cooldowns (like Group Cunning Impact) because they can reduce heat from their sail.

This is quite well represented already in Ceratopsians’ and some Rhinos’ charging abilities in the form of their Swap in Stunning attacks. Try a move that blocks negative effects like the Ankylosaurs did to Scorpius’ quills in Camp Cretaceous. Which they cannot do in-game. Maybe, hear me out, the sloths should not go fast

  • Sort dinosaurs into the Class system better. Spinonyx is not a Cunning, and Diplodocus is more Fierce than Ardentismaxima. Most Wild Cards should not be there either.

  • More representatives of under-represented types. To this day there is not a single Unique Ceratopsid, Raptor or Stegosaurid. And we have three Therizinosaurs.

Buffs and revamps to existing creatures. I'm glad they've confirmed they're going to do this in a future update. Personally I don't want every update to have new creatures, to overshadow the rest, and this has become ridiculously obvious such as in the case of the Flocks completely making most regular Cunnings useless. I want improvements to the game which upgrade its overall quality and it should not come in the form of another new creature to counter the best creatures. I want some love to the forgotten creatures of JWA. I want to see Monostegotops again. Expand for some examples.
  1. Revamp some hybrids without abilities from both hybrid parents. The point of hybrids should be to combine two creatures into a single better one, preferably one that does both creatures’ jobs better than them, or does something completely new, instead of being a clone of one of its hybrid parents. I can think of Einiasuchus, Geminititan, and Erlikospyx, for example. This would improve the viability of multiple hybrids while also shaping the Wild Card class better.

  2. Revamp Ardentismaxima and/or Geminititan. Both are too similar to each other, and while Gemini is still okay, Ardentismaxima loses too easily to Cunnings while not doing enough as a Fierce. One of the smallest creatures in the game, Compsocaulus, can easily remove it assuming both are the same level unboosted. I would suggest giving Ardentis lower cooldown Fierce moves (it can reduce heat through its sail?), with better Shielding, preferably, and higher Attack with a little Distraction resistance while Gemini gets a few Cunning options from Koolabourgiana. Surely each Unique should be unique?

  3. Change some Resilients to Fierce-Resilients. This would solve multiple problems at once: the lack of non-carnivore Fierce creatures, viability of many Resilients, buffing Cunnings against Resilients a little, and passiveness of many Resilients. It could mean a huge buff to the Stegosaurid or Ceratopsian types who are barely used in the arena. It is also not out of the realm of possibility as nonhybrid multiclass creatures already exist and those horns and spikes should be doing a lot more damage than they do now.

  4. Some Resilients obviously need nerfs while others obviously need buffs. Resilients like Gigaspikasaur, Tragodistis and Ovilophomoloch seem to be completely forgotten while in the case of Parasauthops, it has one of the highest Attack stats for a Swap in Attack move while having two strong Healing moves, immense DOT resistance and a Revenge that instantly deletes almost any (Ankylodactylus) Flock. I suppose it’s worth it for such an expensive creature though, but depending on certain Alliances, its Raids nullify that. Remember when Tragodistis was considered one of the best tanks in the game?

  5. Explain why certain creatures’ moves are designed the way they are in the description, and/or how to counter them. For example, like Tryostronix’s description explaining its specialty in disabling defenses in the form of its Fierce attacks. This is more of a cosmetic change but it would give each description more personality.

Example: Careful while using Dodge against Spinonyx, its long claws are more than enough to catch its slippery opponents, and those Spinosaur jaws can break through any tough exterior! However it can fall to clever Distraction attacks. Watch out when fleeing, it is particularly good at catching panicking, Wounded opponents unawares!

I feel like Spinoconstrictor would have Dig In based on the description it has now.

  1. Show the stats and moves of each locked creature. I should not have to need a third party app to tell me that I have wasted my Coin and/or DNA on a creature I don’t need.

  2. Buff most DOT creatures’ attack, while reducing DOT damage. Resistances and immunities alone have rendered great creatures such as Suchotator, Thylacotator and Spinoconstrictor useless against many other creatures, especially since most can cleanse the DOT (except for against the snake) or are completely immune while the DOT users themselves have a painfully low Attack stat. The more passive resilients probably shouldn’t be put on a 3-or-2-turn timer by DOT effects as well, when they can only do so much damage.

  • More creature animations. I want to see more than 4 different T. rex chomping animations every time I go up against an overboosted Thor. I was very impressed with the Brachiosaurus raid animations and wondered why they didn’t add more to the creatures we actually spend the majority of our time with. Maybe even a random chance for a different animation to play during each same ability to make them feel less like robots and give each a unique personality outside their shared idle animations. Each creature type in JWTG has four separate animations! Each with something new! The snakes ball up their tail into a fist and punch with it in one!! With the crocodiles, their signature death roll as an all-out attack which only Imperatosuchus has and I’m sure it doesn’t use something else for a move called Death Roll! Indominus reacts differently to being pet than other Spinosaur animation users! I hardly play JWTG!

Entelochops has, apparently, one of the strongest bites in Jurassic World, but doesn’t use that at all. Not even in its Attack stat.

  • Raid chat, both in battle and in the lobby. Self explanatory. I should not have to rely on a third-party app to coordinate my team.

  • Move renaming and icon redesigning. I’ve had two separate cringey posts about this already that I can no longer edit. I think.

  • Resilient moves, against Cloak, to only remove Dodge effect but not the Cloak damage increase while Cunning removes Cloak damage increase but not the Dodge. This makes sense from a Class standpoint to me.

  • Have multiple effects play at the same time. This would save time and make things more convenient in terms of reading the effects, especially for moves with many effects such as Critical Ambush. (For this example, the Swap In animation plays, then the Increase Speed, Crit Increase and Dodge animations play at the same time, then Reduce Damage, then Self Lockdown (2020 haha funny).) I don’t know how hard this would be to implement and/or code but I’d like it. I think. It might cause lag issues? I don’t know. I don’t want to watch a Resilient move remove buffs for half an hour as the game’s way of telling me I have predicted incorrectly. (The Resilient move would go like this: Cleanse Reduced Damage. Nullify Speed Increase and Dodge. Vulnerability applied (shows Scorpius’ resistance at the same time).)

  • Show creatures interacting or moving around with each other in the Sanctuary. It’s like each creature is self-isolating and nothing like the grand wallpaper they showed during its release. Herbivores and carnivores would also have to be separate except for maybe the flocks, pterosaurs, and some Spinosaurs which are confirmed in official canon to be peaceful alongside Herbivores. Variety is always appealing. Interacting is always nice because maybe, for example, other dinosaurs can eat plants out of Bajadasaurus’s spikes as a symbiotic thing, replacing Bajatonodon’s role when it is in the wild, which you cannot find in the wild. Flocks play with each other! The possibilities!

  • More Boost refunds. Self explanatory. You can’t add new overpowered creatures every month or so and expect people not to use them or change their teams to counter them. And with heavy buffs and nerfs with some of those this should not be a debate. Or just make it 100% free all the time.

  • Coin and DNA refunds. This might be asking too much but Boosts aren’t the only thing wasted when that new set of creatures, hybrids, buffs, and nerfs comes out. Of course Coins wouldn’t be completely refunded as they are much easier to get than boosts. But I feel all or a vast majority of the DNA should be refunded so you can revert that accidental press or have a little more DNA to make that new hybrid.

  • Size scaling on the darting map. I have seen Coelurosauravus the size of a two-way road.

and that’s my digital rant over. thank you for your time.


Still nothing on the arena…

Which is clearly an issue given the proportion of players that drop arenas, spend ridiculous amounts of time doing dbis or filling incubator slots because of such behaviour, prevalent use of exploit progs in upper arenas, and of course players who now simply ignore the arena entirely.

Given the arena is, in theory, the pinnacle and ultimate point of the game, it needs a drastic overhaul on pretty much all fronts, not limited to:
More top end arenas.
Prevention of dropping to farm incubators (alternatively creature level / classification caps for each arena so we dont have overlevelled dinos farming up and coming players).
Removal of players that are clearly using exploits.
Improved matchmaking.
Removal of ‘waiting for opponent to be ready’ timeouts when theres clearly no opponent and the game is simply dodging giving you an AI battle.


Diloracheirus isn’t a therizinosaur but I agree with everything here


well technically yeah but it uses the therizinosaur animations.


True (10char)

I know I’ve said this too many times but it’s a pretty big issue lol, the lag and freezing of like everything (map mostly) just because of the update


I thought Cloak was a Cunning related move (besides the I. Rexes and Indotaurus).