Every test of might should

have free entry fees…
That way it wouldn’t matter so much that these battles are so unbalanced!

Isn’t that the whole reason the event PvP match-ups are so imbalanced in the first place? In order to increase the number of times people need to pay gems to get attempts to complete.

If they made it free then the complete mismatches wouldn’t be a requirement. Perhaps they should just scrap the imbalanced event matcher and replace it with the regular PvP matcher and then more people would pay to enter for attempts as at least it would be feasibly achievable.

As it stands there is a large number of the playerbase who won’t pay gems for attempts as the game is rigged and unbalanced as you point out. If we knew it was more fair we might actually shell out hard earned gems knowing we can finish event without getting repeatedly wiped out.

Of course.

But since that hasn’t and isn’t going to happen, being able to complete the weekend events and collect all of the rewards for ZERO gems, is pretty sweeeeeeeet.

The lesser of 2 evils.

Except the events are lackluster. A common pack for ranger, silverhand for jops and an 8 run limit on harvest mount xp event. Where is the opportunity to get a legendary? Oh, its only for paying players. Nevermind.

Are you unfamiliar with the way all games today work or life, for that matter.

Legendary items can be purchased fairly regularly for gems, those gems can be accumulated in game and no VIP is required, just elbow grease.

Get cracking


Sure, I am probably more aware of how life works than you. The fact that I don’t have the time and money to play the way you think I should would perhaps be your clue, if you are at all aware of how life works.

Getting beyond the childish is the point that raising the ceiling, like I earlier suggested in these very forums, isn’t going to work well unless compensation is returned to at least the level around last April. Again, since August, I have not seen a legendary outside of mert’s free gifts and what I have bought. I am not excited about buying my way to the top. It is so boring and not d&d. (Hay guys, after we stomp the dragon for some bronze spears, let’s buy some vorpal swords from the bar!) It took me 3 weeks to save up the gems for a 2 for 1. Ugh. Quite frankly we should be getting chests from bosses, giving us a chance at epics and legendaries that way.

I suspect if you had unlimited funds and time, you’d still complain.

Life is like a box of chocolate…

Absolutely true. Can you say the same, after getting your vip saarvan legendary, and noting how tedious the whole process was?

I balance how I spend both my time and money. One of the reasons I won’t be starting SilverHand trials.

I only participate in trials when there isn’t a gem cost. Once it cost me gems I exit stage left.

I only spend gems to open chests and to buy guaranteed items I need.


Very wise. I have many of the same policies. This silverhand is free. Why are you not participating in it? It is easy to say that I’m just a complainer. It’s true. I want the year plus I SPENT on the game not to be time wasted after Ludia have decided to “fix” their game. I voice my opinion. I put in the time, something more valuable than money for 2 simple reasons: I can and regularly convert my time into money. I can never get my time back, regardless of how much money I have. Remember, if nobody even spends the time to play their game, Ludia has nothing.

I don’t appreciate Ludia treating my time like their commodity. If I am going to spend 2 hours a day playing their game rather than improving myself, than I should think it worth my while.

I also think that people have the right to complain, and if Ludia doesn’t like that, they should get out of the service industry.

I don’t play many games. This is the only game on my phone other than solitaire. If it’s true that portable games are all run by grasping execs, then it’s just another sign of the endemic problems we have in the western world.


It’s free, true, but I only have the energy to put into one of the 2 very, very monotonous events. I wouldn’t play both if they gave me gems to do so.

Every weekend they cut and paste and then dump these types of events into the schedule so staff can be hands off. I usually ignore weekend events. Maintain chests, play a little bit,. help out guild members etc…

And we still have had ZERO players join or inquire going on 6 months.

Very true, I enjoyed the games long before the greed.

You’re absolutely right about the monotony of the events. The only one I actually find interesting is the heroic quest. Once I spent 2 days just trying to get 1750 gold to leave the first dungeon, and I have never been able to get to Lightfinger, so that event also has its problems… I am hanging a lot on the next update.

Patience is the key for me. I’m not in a hurry to get somewhere. I enjoy the game. This game will be around for years to come.

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