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Every time I open the app, it has to restart


Every time I open the app, lose internet connection for second or even when my screen just shuts off to save battery, the app gives me a message ‘JWA has been updated and needs to restart. Press OK to restart’… I’ve been playing for a couple of months and only had this message when there was indeed an update to the game. Now it’s every time the app opens, and it’s very frustrating. Also 50% of the time, I open a SD, the box keeps spinning, the game crashes and when I restart, I don’t get any rewards.
This all started a few days ago, with the new event week update I think
Anyone else has the same problem?


This is unfortunately a common issue, which is affecting both Apple and Android users. Jurassic World Alive isn’t designed to run in the background, so it will restart just in case there has been an update in that fraction of a second that the software was not connect to the main Ludia game servers.

But this has been happening to me for around a month now and it’s something I’ve now got used too. I expect we’ll see quality of life improvements to the game, which may include the removal/change of the needs a restart message.

Just try and get used to the message and continue to enjoy your play experience with the game.


Hey JeroenV, I’m sorry that this is happening, it might be caused by having auto-update disabled in the store, try enabling auto-update and see if that helps. Also, make sure that your game is updated to the latest version before playing.

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team, and they’ll be happy to help you. Email our team here at with your support key included in the email.