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Every tournament is ruined by a single unbalanced creature, and this is the creature ruining this weekend's tournament

Phorusaura is definetely unbalaced, requires ZERO skill to play and can one shot most dinos of this tournament. It can simply Instant Rampage, kill a dino, Rampage and run then it comes back, Instant Rampage, Rampage and run… And it can also swap and stun! This single legendary bird ruined this tournament, it is the old procerathomimus from epic tournaments…

For this tournament, I quit. There’s nothing to do against her in 95% of the times


Don’t you have your own to use against one?

I do wonder what the thinking is when dinos like this abomination are created.

Does someone sit and think ‘It’s time to unleash a really annoying op Dino on the players’ and then come up with this?

It really is the most annoying thing since the original rat.


Yep, but not with tons of boosts to spare. It can outspeed and one shot almost everything.
And if we imagine a scenario where my Phorusa has the same stats of their, then… Speedties

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I don’t have it. Sucks for you that Monolemetrodon is such a good counter to it.

Btw, beautiful profile picture. Where is it?

It is a Pteranodon Skeleton at the Smithsonian in DC. The tail across it is from a Diplodocus

This week, last week, any week with legendary tournament, the arena…


There is no thinking, thats the answer :rofl::rofl: It exists to annoy us

Lets just hope this bird has the same ending Dodos had lol

what is Dodos?

Birds that went extinct in 1681 :sweat_smile:

Oh. :joy: :rofl:

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Monolometrodon is one that can be one shotted by this frking bird lol


Oh their is a plan that pho is a part of… by not announcing any potential nerfs to it in 2.1 anyone on the fence about leveling and boosting it just got told they would have atleast until 2.2 before any changes.

Now you can level and boost it for some parts of the newly buffed gem.

Ludia might not be able to spell theirs Dino’s Names or get weekly event calendars right… but they absolutely have a long term plan for monetization when it comes to balance.

Even if some dinos (like Monolometerodon apparently, though I’ve found that Phorusaura tends to counter it much more often) are good against it eventually, there’s really nothing you can do to counter that Instant Rampage. The best I came up with is swapping to Ankytrosaurus for the slow, but it’s attack is so low that you can’t do much afterwards. I know it’s designed as a swapping creature, but removing it’s immunity to swap prevention would open up a lot more countering options.

Good luck trying to win speed ties.

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And besides having to deal with speed ties, a dinos best counter should never be itself.

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You know, yeah it’s annoying, but I’ll deal with it. I mean every type of creature needs some strong options and this is the best bird currently. I more so am sick of Magnapyritor.

The players will level it boost it and win alot which is great… But

The same players will cry when it’s nerfed to oblivion just like procera and now maxi has been.

Unfortunately players don’t learn