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Everyone has the Same Creatures ... Counter Argument

One of the regular complaints on here (no not Draco … one of the others) is that everyone uses the same creatures and therefore battles are boring. But with the odd exception everyone who makes the complaint is using the same creatures as well - they are part of the very problem they are complaining about.

Is Ludia holding a gun to your head forcing you to embrace the current meta and go with the crowd? No. Ah - but they are, you argue - if you don’t use the strongest creatures you can’t compete! But for what exactly - season rewards? That “everyone” says aren’t worth it?

Pick a team you want to battle with - yes, you will take some pain initially but you will drop to a trophy count appropriate to your team where you can enjoy the battles. If you really want to keep in touch with the top, just mix it up a bit - I probably have 20+ creatures that could be on my team without sending it into freefall.

I’m bouncing around 5,000 trophies - is my Draco on the team? Nope. Tryko? Nope. Magna? Nope. They may well be tomorrow but so might Stygidaryx.

If everyone did this there would be a lot more “balance”/variety; but people won’t - and if they won’t then perhaps everyone just likes playing the same creatures after all …



No F2P players have the luxury of leveling 20 dinos


Any level of player can have 20+ team viable creatures if they don’t put all their eggs in one basket and take a handful too high; spread the coin around. Yes, you have to accept a certain trophy level but what exactly is gained by getting higher at the expense of variety.


The chance to defeat strike towers for starters


But that’s how the game works you get better dinos in order to beat strikes. I’m a f2p player and I have 6 uniques (not a lot but its more than enough to beat most of them).

Granted @Aaron_Norris, if we are talking the epic ones; but if you are happier with a mixed team what does beating them actually gain you with regards to your battle team? When I started there were no strike events.

You will eventually get key creatures high enough to beat them and there are plenty of forum examples of lower level teams winning with a combo of strategy and luck. Also as you know what you are going to be facing you tend to need specialists for them rather than “team players” - and you don’t always need the apex specialist to do it - “lesser” immunes, bleeders, chompers, etc. that are easier to get (especially with Alliance help) can get the job done.

For example my Suchotator is L30 - Suchomimus is not native to the locals I work and live in; my Alliance provided what I needed while I farmed Irritator G2 - achieved through patience and hard work not throwing cash at the game. Its great for strike towers and pretty handy on the team too.

Edit: And the harder towers are meant for advanced players; my partner started playing only a few weeks back and will have one go at them, accepting she is likely to fail - it doesn’t annoy her and she managed to do the first 3 steps of last weeks 5 step one and get the first incubator - she was well pleased.

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Couldn’t have put it better myself

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The whole point is to move up the ladder. You’re advocating settling for second best. I would rather they made more dinos viable but barring that you have to play the best hand you’re dealt.


Is it? I thought the whole point was to have fun at the level you can participate.

It is not a level playing field when people can throw money at it, or time - both are equally valid.

Edit: And who is to say what is the “best hand”? I would argue 40 creatures of a similar level that allows you to adapt to each update is a better hand then one with 8 highly leveled creatures and 32 also rans.


Yes, if you dont care about winning and moving up the ladder of trophies you are right. But thats not reality. The thing is that everyone wants to win and as a result everyone has almost the same dino’s everyone else has because the other dino’s dont give you a good shot a winning or succes. If there were like 10-15 tyrant dino’s then there will be a more diversity in the higher arena’s. But thats not the case.


People need to start being less competitive. The tourney rewards are hurendous most of the time so what’s the point? The arena is made to be fun


But the playing field is not level; you read about the effort some put in - be it hunting 18 hours a day, blowing $100s - will I ever beat them? No (but I can give them the odd bloody nose) - the current arrangement is not perfect but players could improve their own lot.

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One enhancement I would like to see is the ability to create multiple teams that you can then select rather than having to swap out - this would encourage experimentation as swapping is a pain. I played a team of 8 fliers against my partners battle team the other day (and won) - took longer to swap in and out than the actual battle.


The thing is, I don’t even want to use the same creatures. I do it because I need the DNA from the higher arenas, and other dinosaurs don’t make the cut. If I was allowed to choose which pool of DNA I receive from my arena incubators, I’d gladly switch my team and I’d be okay with falling down and choosing different creatures.

I play to collect more than I do battle, so I can’t afford to level random dinosaurs all the time.


I can understand that - if, as you say, collection is your goal

This is a game of scarcity. You can only get so much resources and you have to allocate them efficiently. Unless you have unlimited money to buy DNA and coins you need to spend what you get on what is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

For me that means investing in the handful of dinos that let me be as competitive as I can. I would like to see other options available but in the other hand I would hate to see them try to equalize it and end up with every dino the same.


To the OP: Exactly!

This the kind of thread we need to spread the word about just having fun.

It is inexpensive to raise a creature up to level 20, it starts to get expensive after that. Unique start at level 21. No reason a level 20 Dino cannot fit on a team with a level 21 Unique. Might it be your weak link? Sure, no doubt it may be, then switch something else in. No creature is a permanent fixture in my crew. I swap them around every day.

I did not want to have a top 10 team, I wanted variety and to have fun. Trophy count means nothing to me. If you are competitive and want that top spot, this game strategy may not be for you. Stick to the top dino and be happy.

Strike towers? Very few have gotten the better of my crew, I have enough of a variety to at least give them all a good shot. Can I beat them all? Nope. But I have enough to put together about any strategy we can come up with.

I have worked my team up from all level 20’s as I get coin and max out on DNA. The levels may be higher than some folks would like, but anyone can put together similar teams.

A few examples:

Having troubles with bleeders and stunners? Put in a fleet of immune:

Tired of getting one-shoted? Tank time:

Opponents always getting the jump on you by being faster? Speed the crew up a bit:

The swap-in death giving you fits? Make sure you have at least one counter on the final 4:

Need an incubator? Put in a power team:

Or any mix & match. If I battle someone and one of their dino wipes out my crew, I swap it in my crew and go at it again. I have remained at about the 4100 trophy level using all combinations of the above and more.


LOVE those teams :heart_eyes: - especially the immune crew :smile: This is why we need the ability to build and save different teams.

Thank you for adding your thoughts - you are quite right about getting to L20 (well maybe L15 for some) - its not hard/expensive as long as you are prepared to put a little effort in. It also raises your XP swiftly so you are getting better DNA per dart, etc…

If you have a team of L25-L30 Uniques I find RNG decides the outcome more often than level does … so, does level matter beyond a certain point?


So what you are basically saying is that you should adapt your team on your opponent, while you do not know what kind of opponent you will face. How you do that?


Not at all. If I face an opponent and their Utahsino wipes out my crew, I will give it a slot on the team and give it a shot.

If everyone seems to have Dracotops that battle session, swap in a few lockdowns or one shoters.

If bleeders seem to be the flavor of the day, more immune in the crew.

I move the team around all the time, keeps it fun.

I can’t predict what any opponent will have at any one time, but it seems to run in streaks, like RNG does. If I get one swap in death, I seem to get a few in a row.

And as the meta changes, my abilities do not suffer. I have alternatives.