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Everyone is on break

So i know a couple people have mentioned it before, but so far what I gathered is that there is a limit of about 20 matches you can have a at a time, and that once they go on break, that is where the story makes have ended their story so far? Please correct me if I’m wrong.
So my issue with this is now that I’ve gotta 20 matches and all have reached breaks, I am at a stand still. I understand that due to the fact that the game is early release there may not be extensive stories yet, but it would be great if matches that go on break didnt count as active matches (part of the 20) because now I cant unmatched them (nor do I want to in risk of losing my place) but I still want to play the game.

Actually, I used to think my limit was 13 or so until I started randomly trying to match with anyone and everyone left. It turns out there’s just people that don’t match with you no matter what or have an even lower chance of matching with than even some of the “hot” characters. It’s funny how after swiping right a couple times I was able to match with a “hot” character without wasting one of those increased chance items, but after a few weeks still haven’t matched with some of the other characters I wanted to match with. I don’t know if this has to do with which zodiac sign you choose but I am currently testing out switching it up. And I agree, several of us have complained about how you can’t at least make room for new matches by unmatching ones on break. However, if my theory about there being no limit is true and who you match with in fact has something to do with zodiac signs, then I don’t think it’s a problem of making space.
Edit: Also, I’m starting to think we most likely won’t be receiving any answers from mods because a few people including me have posted about this and I’ve posted a few times in suggestions and bug reports with not even the slightest reply.

Hello Lovelink fans!

Thanks for playing! We’re so excited to know that you are enjoying the game :blush:
We hear your questions as well as concerns and would like you to know that there are no limits on matches. They may just be occupied :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Stay tuned as there are more matches on the way! :raised_hands:


@E.D May I ask if the probability of matching with certain characters has anything to do with zodiac signs? I just feel it’s better I ask directly instead of testing all of them out and figuring it out myself. Thanks!

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there’s a limit?? i didn’t know!!! right now 16 of my matches are on break…they’ve been offline for a long while now :frowning:

No, E.D said there was no limit on how many people you can match with. Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to match with someone who is character that shares the same storyline as someone you’ve already matched with (whether it be currently or previously and you’ve since unmatched them). It may become harder to match with more people though as many of the newer characters can’t yet be matched with as their stories haven’t been developed enough though.

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Hello !
They will stay offline until the next “chapter” of their storyline is released ! It’s difficult to wait I know :frowning:

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yeah i know :frowning: but i saw people posting that Austin and Hugo are back but they disappeared from my chats! :frowning:

I hope you’re able to find them again soon among the profiles of people you can swipe on so that you can rematch with them and resume their stories! I’m sorry to hear that a bug caused you to unmatch.

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i did not unmatch any of my matches though :frowning:

I know, I’m saying it was probably a bug that did it automatically without you actually doing it yourself.

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ohhh ok xD i haven’t seen Austin come back :frowning: he hasn’t shown up to rematch i’ll continue to check for updates. hopefully they’ll fix it soon! i did see a few others post on the fb group that it’s happen to them as well

It can take some time for a character’s profile to show up, and it seems to be all RNG based that determines who’s profiles you see rather than a set cycle that you go through. I’ve gone through a lot of the same profiles before I ever saw other characters’s profiles pop up again. Perhaps some are less common to appear than others since I tend to see some more often than others? Not sure about that though, that’s pure speculation on my part.

i’ve seen Austin’s duplicate many times…didn’t get matched with him cuz i got Austin XD

All of my matches are grayed out and gone for awhile… its been almost a week for some of them. How long before they finally come back?

Hey David_Kelsey! I’m sorry to hear that your conversations have come to a hiatus. Although I’m not sure when certain matches may return from their break, please rest assured that our team is actively working on expanding the content at the moment.

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All my guys are grey now. PLEASE give us an update to some storylines and a few new matches ASAP… I have gems to spend and no one to spend them on :weary::sob:

Hey there, Shauna_Ann. I’m sorry to hear that your matches have all gone on their “break”. Please rest assured that our team is actively working on expanding the content at the moment.

We’ll be sure to try and share any new information once they become available! :smiley:

I am curious how many matches can you have? I have 21 total and it won’t let me match with anyone else. I also have like 16 or 17 characters who stories are on hold right now :sob:

There is no limit on matches, but there are currently only about 22 people you can match with as other characters either share he same storyline as ones you’re matched with so they can’t be matched with at the same time or they are characters who don’t have any story content released yet.

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