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Everyone is on break

Counter Part Characters?:thinking:

Nearly every character except Tiros and Cpt. Muffin of those released so far all share a storyline with typically one other character except for the barista Hollywood and AI storylines that are shared by three characters. When you match with one character from a storyline it becomes impossible to match with the others as it’s the same story.

You can find a list of which characters share storylines together here:

Example: if you match with Vitoria you cannot match with Sage because they have the same story. Same if you match with Zayn, you can’t match with Jake or Charlie for the same reason.

Not someone new, but Angel/Emmalyn returned. I have to wait for more profiles to load to see if anyone new was added with the update though.


Yes, and I hate it

Same case, im at one point to desinstale the game :frowning: even if this one is the best I ever play

I’m sad now. Emmalyn came back to me, but now she’s gone again :confused:.

But worse than that, she’s left me with a house full of rabbits! :laughing::laughing:

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Tris could be the Best Game I ever play but all my Matches are Going Grey and I can do anything. I literally nothing to do in the game in the past 10 days. I have Onlin 8 matches, even the Cat, and all of then go grey. Its a shame.

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You could match with all the other characters possible even if you don’t care about them to mine for diamonds and noisy tobhave something to read in the meantime, but I get that can be more tedious than anything else too.

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Kind of sad because the ones I really want to talk to are on break and the ones I swipe with aren’t matching me so I’m bored please I need them to come back or I need new characters

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I think we’re all in that boat right now. It’s a tad frustrating.


Super frustrating

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I’ve matched with everyone possible except Stefan/Oliver and they’re all away so I definitely empathize.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can only match with characters who aren’t a counterpart to any of the characters you’re currently matched with. e.g. You can’t match with Antoine if you’ve already matched and started the story with Noah as they share the exact same storyline. Then there are, of course, the several characters who are in the profile pool yet lack any story content thus they’re unable to be matched with entirely. But if you did already know all that then apologies for the repeat information!

I finally found the centaur, the one with the silly GoT sounding name.

I didn’t think I’d be in to it, but I’m just finding the whole story so ludicrous it’s making me laugh, so that’s a thing.

Grace Kim returned earlier too. I’m still mad at her though… I think I get too invested in these stories :smile:.

I only love him for how ridiculous his story is too, but otherwise Anthorak can get him.

Clementine was frustrating me a little with how reluctant she was to defy her creepy professor even though I also understand her thought process too.

Some of them are interesting enough to get more invested in than others, so I get that!

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It’s not just the creepy paedo professor, it the hyper controlling, selfish parents. It’s actually a decent storyline, but I just want to tell her to stand up for herself. Tell them all to get lost and leave her alone.

She should grass up the professor for grooming her and divorce her family.

See? I told you I get too invested! :laughing:

I see why this was flagged, but also… That IS what the whole plot is.

Anyway! I agree with you on that. The parents were also frustrating with her bending to their will, but on the other hand having grown up with them even knowing the way they treat her may have been wrong, as the child it can be difficult to break free from that and stand up for yourself because at the end of the day they’re still your parents and even if it’s for that reason alone you still feel some degree of attachment to them. Basically, I understand Clementine’s/Grace Kim’s hesitance to defy them and that it’s easier for us to judge and think it’s simply a matter of standing up for yourself as outsiders to the situation.

I picked the premium option of making the professor squirm at dinner for the laughs.

Nah, I don’t think you’re too invested, and being invested is good! That’s the whole point of these stories: to find ones you enjoy and can get invested in. Not getting engrossed in any would mean that the writing isn’t successful for you as a reader.

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I didn’t pick that option. What did she do to make him squirm? But did he still threaten her after dinner?

Also, I think my potty mouth keeps getting me in trouble here. :smile:

Aaaaand now she’s gone again. The story was just starting to get interesting.

The MC actually laid down the law a little bit and called her out for all the drama with the exes and dumping them on their dates.

I still want to be able to advise her to dump her parents, or at least put them straight. Sometimes in order to grow and move forward you need to sever toxic relationships, even if that toxic relationship is your own mum.

Glad she kicked Mr. G’s buttocks though :smile:.


I agree, but I think (or at least I hope) she’s working her way up to getting the courage to clearly stand up for herself to her parents. I also like that MC called her out for being indecisive about what she wanted and refusing to go any further with her until she did. She needs to get herself sorted out.

During the premium dialogue choice she brings up Salinger’s relationship with students/younger women and Mr. G’s wife is disgusted by Salinger and calls him a good writer but a disgusting human which causes Mr. G to squirm. You can encourage Clementine/Grace Kim to push further by asking Mr. G if he would ever have relationships with his students, which I chose because might as well go all the way, and his wife immediately reacts with stating any man like Salinger (aka Mr. G) should be castrated and it makes Mr. G wildly uncomfortable and desperately try to change the topic of conversation. He’s furious with Clementine/Grace Kim for it after and corners and threatens her. I think from there it’s the same as if you had chosen the free dialogue option(?).

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Ah, that sounds kinda cool. I wish I’d chosen that now. But still, he got his comeuppance in the end.

I guess the fact that we’re talking about it so much shows the writers are doing a good job. I mean, I wasn’t that into her to start with but now she’s really growing on me.