Everyone Meet, Druid!

After sitting for like 30 minutes in the Cold rain, completing the Power-Up incubator, he’s here!

The last fuse was a 50!! :grin:


Congrats bud!! This one is probably gunna be with you for the long haul!


Yeah he’s going to have a permanent spot on my team. I absolutely love his design

His immunity and speed fill a key spot on my team but Im still pretty hit and miss with the dude. I think I gotta learn the best situations to put him in to unlock its full potential.

Its a beast i unlocked mine few weaks ago and i love him, btw he doesnt do critical hits the 20% chance feels like a 5% but still awesome

Am I alone in feeling confident starting with him?

I think conventional wisdom is to use him to finish off a weakened dino so DSR is ready to go as the next Dino comes out. It is pretty sweet to surprise someone who starts with a bleeder with him tho


In the higher arenas, almost everyone starts with either: utarinex, green chicken or spinotasuchus

All of them are faster and have a rampage or crit move they can use to finish off tryox by turn 2.

It’s a great Dino and I’ve grown to love it, especially after 1.5, but it’s not a reliable lead for upper Lockwood onwards


Good to know :blush: in lower Aviary I haven’t seen the green chicken much or utahsino and must be getting lucky! I need to rethink my strategy. Hmmm again…

Hey, um, if you don’t mind me asking, what would be a good starting move for him? Should I start with Ready To Crush then Defense Shattering Rampage or should I start with Ferocious Strike then DSR? Thanks in advance for the help :grin:

Bring it in to clean up a half dead dino with ferocious strike, it’ll take a good chunk out of what comes next

RTC is a great move but it needs to be used carefully… time it with when U expect the opponent to use instant invincibility

Hope this helps : )


I have my Tryo at 24 (pending upgrade to 25) and am still thinking whether to upgrade him compared to other dinos, on account of shortage of coins.

As mentioned above, the beauty of Tryo is in his second move and 3rd (currently bugged). But if you use it to fight a full health dino, he hardly is able to survive more than 2 moves.

Most of the time, the sequence would be Ferocius Strike followed by Defense Shattering Rampage.
In some cases where you know the second move need not have that much damage, you can do: Ferocius Strike, Armor Piercing Strike (to kill the opponent. Need to be careful of opponent switching to a faster dino) followed by Defense Shattering Rampage on the next dino.

Ready to crush can be rarely used: against counter attach dinos or in hail mary situation where you are in dire need of a critical hit + increased damage!!


It’s a must have in any team previously because everyone had a high level tank ( most still do) and it’s a hard counter now for tryko. It won’t ever leave my team.