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Everyone Meet, Quake!


The Trex Strike finally gave me enough Monolophrosaurus DNA and this event week gave me enough Stegosaurus DNA to finally fuse this beast! :grin:


Congrats. Level him up often.

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Congrats!! :star_struck: This dino is really a beast if you can level her. I have her at lev 17 and not doing wonders but seeing her in friendly battles, lev 26, she is really tough!!


She is one of my core team critters. The three impact attacks with a 20% crit gives her some hefty hitting power. Throw in slow, stun and nullify which makes her very verstile, you have very useful beast

Unless you have plenty of mono, you will have to choose between her and Monomimus. Personally it’s monostegatops for me everytime.


Really good.
Level her to see her full potential

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