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Everyone needs to communicate to Ludia

To All Here: I spent the last 30 minutes emailing Ludia‘s support teams in every way possible. I sent a message through their Ludia forum, The Warriors of waterdeep Facebook, and a email reply back to Ludia support team that they asked my feedback about their support for my submitted ticket. I professionally and respectfully let them know that the company Ludia doesn’t care about its customers, their computer programmers/developers can’t fix the error 233, it’s customer support is lacking, not caring, almost nonexistent, slow, or no support at all. I told them about their slow data servers too. I urge everyone to email Ludia support and tell him what you think in a professional respectful way but tell him how you’re feeling, (I’m feeling stressed, frustrated, disappointed, and mad). Tell/communicate to them the facts that you think about their customer support and this game’s errors and bugs. The more they hear from all the players and customers the better chance that they will do something. But this is just a request from me, you can choose your own path on whether you want to make contact with them or not. I told them about their slow data servers also. it’s ridiculous that a big company can have such slow servers in this day of high-tech technology. oh and I also sent a message to the support guys here called Ned and Davy.

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