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Everyone! Please GIVE UP ALL ROMANTIC IDEAS about this game!

Hey everyone.

With sad eyes it’s time to say that all romantic ideas about this game is dead.

I have never seen this great community with so many passionated players!


So mutch inspiration, love and ideas are flooding around in the forum.

But I’m sorry to say that the time is gone.

Ludia as a company dosen’t understand their own game and how it’s affect the players.

When they offered 5 x UNIQUE without seeing how this would affect the game, they dident think for the future. Instead they hope everyone would buy money and cash to level everything up.


I have been thinking this way since 1.5s spawn mechanic nerf. They are after quick cash grabs with incs and money deals.


It’s probably all the work of 1 person. One hard-headed manager who has very little idea that they’ve basically destroyed the game. That person needs to be fired, and someone needs to come back in to save it.


Could be true. I like to think that there are only 3 people working on this entire game. How else to account for all of the mistakes and bugs never being addressed? Everyone else at Ludia is working on dragons.

Yeah, the only thing they can do is destroying this game and making players mad. I have never seen such creepy developers. So sad, this game could be great. I wish Niantic would do it.


I’m getting close to quitting, my playtime dropped drastically, kinda sucks since I’ve been playing since worldwide release… 1.7 is gonna determine if I stay or if I go I guess :man_shrugging:


I think its almost over for me aswell.
I didn’t post on this forum since early april while i was on it every day.
things have became impossible since early 1.6
I have stop played since the past week and when i saw the “joke” of the forgotten unique and a Entire week with 1legendary; 1 epic,2rare and 2 common i guess there is nothing left to say…
I wait for 1.7,it will be determine if i stay or not,but when i see ludia dev doing only mistakes since 2-3 months,i think i already have my answer

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I play a lot of Fortnite.

They always keeps the game updated.

New cosmetics, different objects moving around on the map. Something there keeps the game updated.

I mean.

How hard could it be to make 2 new dinos every week?

Why must we keep arguee about same dinos always?

In 365 days we have got like 20 New dinos?

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well in defence of Ludia it is harder to create a dino + moveset than give a new skin/outfit to a player’s character :).

Fortnite is global fenomenon like Pogo and well JWA is not on the same level (playerbase/revenue) but I agree that they should keep the players interested in their game and give us something more often.
But also would not want it to be like Pogo nowadays (release a shiny here and a shiny there and that is it)

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Too much negativity. If the game is no longer for you then stop playing. Give it a break and see what they do when a few months. At some point I am sure they will fix the issues we have in the game. Such things take time and playtesting first. Other issues that we as players don’t like, the reduced dinosaurs of the week - for example, they obviously have their reasons for at the moment.


I can accept that they have reasons for their actions but all we want is some communication with the playerbase :slight_smile: every normal gaming company should listen to the players and would try to communcate with them in some shape or form. Like Ludia tried with those polls but never did anything we suggested :smiley: or not the way we wanted it to be


Absolutely. There needs to be a lot more communication but nothing deserves the level of negativity that is being poured into these forums at the moment.


If we have got UNIQUE dinos for 11 months, why do they understand first NOW how that destroy the game?

Is there no leaders or developers who could play-tested the game?

I’n really confused about this game.

I even played SimCity Buildit for a time, there was always something for progression. New challanges every week.

This game have no challanges.

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What do you want as challenges though?

The challenges in JWA are simple. Go out and collect DNA. Often, it’s go out and find the DNA needed to create the Legendary and Unique hybrids that you want to create. Then go play the Arena where you face other players teams and try to climb up the leader board. There is also the minor challenges of the daily missions and the Alliance missions.

The game has things for players to go out and do .

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What we have here is a generational point of view difference.

One side: go out work for it enjoy the process. Just make game work as advertised

Other side: I’m sooooo bored I need new. I need now. I need it given.

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St patricks is not the undoing of it its the fact once you get into high aviary you got no more arenas so people with level 30 dinos float in around the top where more and more high level teams get pushed back into lockwood and then they drop down so nobody can improve

A good challange could be in the daily rewards.

”Kill 3 dinos with 1 rare Dino”

That would force players to use other dinos in the game aswell.

Just 1 idé.

But that LUDIA still don’t listening to 1000s of players on the forum and on reddit, show how little they care.

The Philosophy is to spend coins to level up stuff. That’s thinking of a monkey.

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Ludia doesn’t even care about their own games.

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That could anyone predict!?! Right.

But still.

We don’t get higher arenas?
More dinos for more variation?
Next step of dinos - Gods, anything that could fuse even uniqs?

People stop at that point to play the game.

500 players in the top with same dinos?

What’s fun about that?

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Ways of fixing is new arenas break the unique teir and have a whole new god teir where you fuse even uniques or break the level 30 cap all could well work i mean if we can see this surely devs can