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Everyone still plays same dinos after 1 1/2 year !? Why!

I login in again after a few months and see that most players STILL playing same dinos in the upper arenas.


Why haven’t the game changed for 1 1/2 year ?

Why is it so hard to have more viable dinos in the upper arenas?

Do people REALLY enjoy meeting same dinos again and again and again EVERYDAY ?!

What’s happening with the game?


It’s because they have put time, coin and effort into levelling and boosting them. New dinosaurs take too long to reach a decent level. That would be my guess.


Short answer is boosts. You used to be able to get new dinos to team level and play around with team make up. Now you need to get them to team level and then boost 7+ tiers to be viable.



But the BIGGEST problem is the preparation for the future AND how they later NERF the dino.

Example the Monostego.

Is you started a new project to level up a NEW dino from level 15 to 26-28 this will take time, dna and coins.

This project could be around 4-6 months of active playing.

When you began, the dino was great, when the dino is finnished it’s usless.

Do you think people don’t level up new dinos because of the lack in ability from L to see the long-term future…?


So the meta dosen’t change so fast because of this?
The past metas with raptors, stegodeus — dosen’t happend anymore?

So L have the control of the game instead of the players?

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@Moksha lets face it, if you still played this whole time you’d be playing with the same dinos.

Surely if you’ve had a lot of experience playing this game and playing in the arena you wouldn’t need to ask this very question.


The next boost reset could change this. On my 2nd account, I pretty much only play the new creatures but I am only playing level 15-16 creatures and haven’t moved up on purpose. So when new creatures come out, I can usually play most of them in real PvP in within a week or two.

This is my last team set up but I change constantly.


My team is WAY different than it was 1-1/2 years ago.
I use the best dinos I have along with everyone else.
Meta changes are not instant and it takes a patch or two to get new dinos up to team level. If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t play.

you answer every problem i met to change my team

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so you are saying that people still use the best dinos all the time? yes thats the case. ludia is adding better dinos and more abilities to switch things up. after reset, youll see different dinos but there will always be a point where the absolute best dinos will get you the furthest.

ps, i still use monostego and its almost to 30.

pps, this whole time that you’ve complained and took a break, ive been enjoying the game.


Because they’re still viable.

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That team looks so fun!

This is my primary account team where I do have 2 of the newer creatures, Ardentismaxima and Procerathomimus. Look who I benched… 27 Stegod and 26 well sped n damage boosted, rat exterminator, Utasino. I’m 19 dna from getting Erlikospyx on this account for a full team of unique’s. My 2nd account has 9 level 21 unique’s and 40 DNA from #10, Grypolyth.

One and half year ago if I remember correctly. Not many insert RATS and Thor in their team. That was before the boosts were introduced

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Well people are gonna be making ardentismaxima and levelling it up because it’s now the best Dino in the game, and people will also want more Indoraptor gen2. Your just overreacting, of course people will sitll Run Trykosaurus, Thor, erlidom, erlikospyx, the rat and procerasatan. Because their powerful. People will use powerful dinos until their nerfed, then make new ones, it’s now the game works now.

Well if players had control, the rat would be dead… which is a good thing cus it needs to just DIE! Same with procerathomimus.



Instead everyone playes same stuff and we never see variation in the arena.



But why is not the Stegodeus still powerful enough, or the spinotasushus.

Or why is not pepole level up any of the OTHER dinos in the game then?

During all those months, L nerf or change abilities of your other dinos and scew up all the hard work.

Example. Monomimus.

Why coulden’t that be better then procera?

And what will happend to those players who leveled up procera and see it getting a NEW hybrid? Or changed abilities.

Wasted coins, time and DNA.

I think players are affraid of level up dinos because they know the philosophy of dinos could be useless over a night.

I totally greet with what everybody has been saying about the boosts and the time and effort put Sometimes it’s like Ludia wants People to stop playing. I get so many people dropping out of the alliance because they say they just lost 20 battles in a row and they are done.Even for me battles are no fun anymore. I do them to get the boosts, but that doesn’t help either. I couldn’t believe how many battles I lost this morning even with the money I’ve spent on boosts, and the fact that I have worked very hard to get most my team to level 30. . I do it to get the boosts and that doesn’t help either.This morning, I’m not exaggerating when I say that at least 85% of the strikes the opponent did on me were critical‘s. You level up and get the boosts and they just put you up against higher levels, usually all 30s, with more boost and speed averaging 163. it’s frustrating and you said no progress.