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Everyone With Level 30 Uniques. Then What?


We are seeing more and more players with high level uniques - the best battlers in the game. Especially from the St Patty’s Event. Eventually we get to a point where 1000s of players have them all at level 30.

At this point the top of the Leaderboard will be more random. Not completely since RNG is not the only way to win, there is still an element of skill and team composition. But the very best won’t always rise to the top, sort of like the best golfer in the world still only wins 20% of the time at most.

So then what?

A few possibilities. Ludia can mix up the relative strengths of existing creatures and are doing that already. But many players at the top will have spare DNA to quickly replace their team. Adding new powerful creatures is good. It will take awhile to level them up and those who play the most or pay to win will take the lead again. That’s fine, the most dedicated should receive the rewards and Ludia needs to make money to keep employees.

But how else can the best players who are deserving to be at the top actually make it there? I don’t think many want a true random leaderboard.


Talk about it. I actually missed Tryko by 14 dna in St. Patrick’s day and now I’m too scared to even battle.

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maybe stop talking about it because this kinda affects special events


I suppose with minimizing the RNG, 50% Dino lvls - 40% Skill(tactics-strategy) - 10% RNG

And the Leaderboard should be more fair…i think

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It would require a complete change in how battles occur and likely some mix of complex controls to make this game 40% skill as it stands. Most top players already know well what percentages and moves they are facing. If you include crit chances and hedging around those there isn’t a ton of skill to take advantage of anyway. In truth if you are decent at math and have a good memory for movesets etc this game has very little skill required. Getting more Dinos viable for end game play would do a lot.


This. I am all for this.

I’d also like to see bigger team pool, with a cool down period after a dino is used in a battle. Maybe 1 battle cool down for being used but not defeated, and a 2 battle cool down for a defeated dino.


And then raise the cap from 30 to something more than 30 :man_shrugging:t4: What else


Would really like to see then increase the team to 12 dinos instead of 8. It would really hurt me personally as my starting 8 are all 28-30, and my next highest dino is level 23. But it would make things more diverse and interesting in the arenas and give me more to target while hunting.


Yeah I’m a huge fan of this. Heaps more diversity in dinos. Less likely to face dinorat. Can’t use same tactic every battle. Ludia make this happen it’s way better than needing our beloved dinos.


I like the cool down period AND the 12 dino line-up. :grinning::hugs: Together even.

The cool down should be after 2 battles. In the 12 dino line up those would grey or purple out for the cool down round so after the first two battles you would start seeing 1 to 4 dino’s taking a rest and would not get randomly chosen for the next round.


They also need to add GREEN super hybrid named dino towers with those like Lord Lytronax BUT they should not hit any harder than regular dinos. Just give them 10K, 20K, 30K or more hit points with cleans or immunity. Also not just level 30 but any level with that level damage dealing with with a whole :poop: load of hit points so you can’t just take them out with one dino.

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What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game :rofl:


No… don’t raise it. Otherwise how can we ever catch up?

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I’m all for the 12 thing as I could have a team 28+ at 12 easily. It wouldn’t be very diverse but I would appreciate the lower leveled diversity I faced very much.

I’d yell “Diversity!” happily in every match I won as I climbed. It would also be neat to beat dinos I don’t really notice that stink while doing so. It would be so diverse. And fair. And other catch phrases.