Everyone's Hydra boa

Now is around the time where some people start unlocking Hydra boa. Just want to see how people are boosting it, and how well its been doing in the arena.



I like the purple eyes, I always thought they were just pure black


Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 3.06.16 PM
Its cute once you crop out the jaws


I only see few options

All to power And rest to speed? :
It has a double priority , its basic ability is a nullify priority attack and with priority DOT that heals


All to speed and rest to power??
Using the extra 10% speed increaed with buffed dodge?


All to power rest to HP??


Maybe a mixed type of all to power + a little more life + rest to speed.

It is very tempting to use even at level 26, I used in a few matches last week and people was not prepared for it. ROFL.

Monolorhino is good counter for it though.

What I dont like is that:

it can ve distracted ( very little )

it can be stunned (and that d*** st****d rhino stunned me twice in that match!!!) so its RGN isn’t working great with a 75% stunned resistance.!!! Maybe because it is 26 vs a rhino 30?

And it can be slowed which put her in a big disadvantage

And it can be vulnerable: With a big hadross it is gone in a 1 hit at level 26. =(

Which reminds me, all snakes are causing havoc in this week tournament. Coincidentally with majority unlocking the snake???

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Nice! I’m at 250

Nice! Just did mine!

Closet creature I have to unlocking

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Why put any speed on it with almost 3 priority moves?you want to give it a lot of hp to take advantage of the counter, then rest into attack. It’s a closer,not h2h fighter.

Because it is an option!!

The reasoning behing is simple, it is slow! other faster dinos with higher speed and higher dmg and with priority move can outperform the HydraBos and kill her in ONE shoot. The priority on its basic attack is very good but the second priority move HAS a delay, if you are facing a PhoraRex that saved his priority move and killed a dino and then snake entered to face PhoraRex (as last resort dino), you die in one Shoot.

This thread topic is for showing how it is behaving on real PvP.

After playing together my 3 other coleads in the same place and for over a week. Only 3 of us has it for more than 1 week, one more has to wait.

We have agreed it is a balanced dino, it can be deadly against some dinos and a few dinos can smash the snake easily at level 26. people who spends money can boost it make it hard top contender.

Most cunnings have to be 148+ speed, mainly because some people max out their chompers speed, especially mortem with its new roar change.
Both chompets resist DOT aswell which makes it harder for the snake.

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I think you all neglected what i said , but Ok .i forgot to mention that you cant treat hydra as either cunning or h2h fighter,because of it’s moveset.it’s a wildcard and a trapper.you cant lead with it