Everyone's Skoona

Just wanted to see everyone’s Skoonas. How are they now?

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Mines is level 24 at the moment. Can’t wait to get her to 25.

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don’t have it unlocked

Our clan came 8k off tier 9 and im level 14 so i am a bit less than 100 off


I have enough DNA to push mine to 28.5 and even though it would be below team level I may put it on the team if we get a boost reset

i need 25 dna left lol

oof thats pain

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it is but i will just wait intill it is in a event

yea same, my sona is level 17 and my skoola is level 18

I got mine today


I can get mine to lvl 25 (currently lvl 22) I got 745 in the bank lol

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I’ve also got mine today…

I got mines to 25, can get her to 26, and still have 19 fuses

I can bring it to lvl 27

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Sorry, meant 9.

I unlocked it today and won a battle with it (: here a png
Screenshot 2021-09-06 7.35.37 PM

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ha you unlocked it

Unlocked mine thanks to @MINMI, @Cheeseeater, @Qaw and all my Goose Gang alliance friends!



So that’s 5 uniques! 2 non project ones