Everything out as usuall

It is Tuesday today but I don’t see anything related to that pumpkins and “All Saints Day” event. No scary beast out there and no scary incubators… all as every week so far (?).
It there anything I am missing or have to do to join the event?

There should be a common strike tower out there with a Pumpkin incubator. If you check down the thread, you will see the calendar for halloween and which halloween strike tower appears when. It seems that those incubators will give out DNA for the dinos voted scariest in that one poll they did.

I actually had the calendar on me, here you go.

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I found blue incubator but no pumpkin one and had crawled all the town. So only incubators than and no scary beast in rhe wild?

Incubators and scent capsules (with pumpkin on it), which my guess would be it spawns the voted dinos available in each localities…or maybe they work as normal capsules, no idea yet

So far, I’ve just seen incubator for the halloween incubator, but I did not see the halloween scant.

Halloween scent wasn’t yesterday, there is one today. I can see it on my map already.

It’s out there. I’m by one

I don’t understand. So yesterday were we suppose to find that 12 HR incubator? All I found was the common one containing raptor, all, etc.

ok I got it… just recently appearwd three incubator towers and one is with the pumpkin scent.

Then sorry I did not see it.

Yesterday there was only a rare strike tower, a common one (think it was a common scent one) and a pumpkin incubator. Today there is a common strike tower, common scent and pumpkin scent.

Bit still as usual… ok it was one pumpkin scent and that is all… just the picture of pumpkin over the common large scent. I have got one Utahraptor and usual rares, even less than usual. Maybe the event didn’t realy start but it is the uverture to some more? The event table is, due that it is allready Wednesday, not much promising.