Everything wrong with 1.11, and please make it good

  1. Cautious strike gets a buff, why?
  2. Ardentis nerf.
  3. Where the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is procerathomimus nerf i cant see it am i blind or something.

Other than that is a good update, but the cautious buffs and the stupid proceratošŸ¤¬mimus not being nerfed just makes this update, with potential of being a good update, makes it really bad.
So what i suggest you people to do is: Go out there and make this update what it should be and not what it shouldnt be. Go out there and spread the word before its too late. What you people need to spread out is:

  1. Cautious strike needs to change and by change i mean it needs to get a nerf, a nerf understand that ludia?
  2. Nerf Procerathomimus, just please nerf it already.
  3. Give Ardentismaxima back the definite rampage and nerf her attack to 1150 or 1200.
    This is our time to change the update, so go out there before its to late.
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