Everything wrong with Jurassic Park (the movies)

In the JWD trailer, Moros lived in N. America, Iguanadon lived in Europe, Giga lived in S. America, and T.Rex lived in N. America, so only Moros and. Rex would be there.


They just looked at the WWD movie (remember that?) and saw the Pachyrhinosaurus with a hole in its head and thought it was looked cool


Yeah but that was because of an injury or a distortion or something

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Absolutely nothing is wrong with the movies. The word movie should give you all the info you need. They are not historical biopics or documentaries.

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You forgot Dreadnoughtus (S. America), Oviraptor (Asia), and Queztalcoatlus, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, and Nasutoceratops (all from N. America). And it was in a prologue too.

Only they made two symmetrical frill holes and created a head that didn’t belong to any species of Pachyrhinosaurus.

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And time periods none of them except for Rex and Quetz actually lived together

Except for the part where they had the prologue of Dominion set in the past; albeit in the wrong time period (the end Cretaceous is now believed to be 66 MYA instead of 65) and with a cast of dinosaurs and one pterosaur that don’t belong and with the few correct species present still needing more touchups on their designs.


Ankylosaurus too.

But that would then make the prologue meaningless. It has to be rexy that dies so that the prologue can set up the story line. That’s the whole point of a prologue is to give a vague understanding that will later be explained.

I wouldn’t recommend. That channel is nothing but bad satire now that nitpicks things that the movie earlier justified/false sins just for confusion and inserts terrible jokes inbetween

As much is id like to nitpick giga’s design there, somewhat justified since its supposed to show how the past looked in the jp universe, which is different from ours since you can get preserved dino dna from mosquitos trapped in amber

Also a giant velociraptor fossil in montanna

Aside from minor nitpicks like the atrocis looking too boxy for my liking, i wouldnt blame the crew for making their own artistic licenses and tend to go a bit too unpaleontological im just gonna blame how they decided thats how science works in universe

Doesnt change theyre still enjoyable imo

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Yep. The movies might not be accurate but they’re still great. Most dinosaurs shown in the saga never had a representation in media before and still although some stuff shown is speculative it’s still in the realms of possibilities

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What are the exact odds that they used the SPECIFIC frog genome that makes it so the dinosaurs can change their gender. This sounds like a minor point but it isn’t considering without this NONE of the other movies would have been possible

Almost everyone in this conversation are sound they see how these creatures interact the other…(i know i sound a little toxic, but I’m not going to be toxic!)

How did the buck manage to off everyone in the ship before reaching san diego without doing any visible damage? Why did they cut the stowaway raptor?

It’s not as good as it used to be but I find the JP/FW ones fun.

The jp1 was straightforward short and fun. The rest tend to be stretched and boring id just go to the other channel that actually does its homework and points out the actual plot holes. I think its called birdmen or something

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And how is it still stuck in its cage?:joy: