Everything you’ve ever wanted in an alliance! 10/10, 3+ L20 Sanctuaries, & Active Tournament Players

If we weren’t working with Nerds, I would join them. Can’t recommend enough for solid strategy.

UGetOnMyNerds and their partner alliances are AMAZING!!!

I was looking for a new alliance as I was getting frustrated with having to carry my old alliance with little payoff. grinding daily just to eek out 5/5 incubators and level 8 sanctuaries.

I got the opportunity to join the nerds and rediscovered my enjoyment for the game. they don’t take themselves too seriously and do a great job of coordinating so we can all progress towards our goals quickly.

The partner alliances are similar as well and it’s awesome coordinating with them and seeing the comradery across alliances.

If you’re a player who’s looking to progress quicker, get those sweet 10/10 incubators, get max dna from sanctuaries, tired of grinding for little gain, or just like strategy and nerding out, come join us. you won’t regret it.


UGetOnMyNerds is one of the best alliances! Super friendly and everything is very coordinated. :smiley:

From a partner alliance- join them if you’re ready to play with the big boys.

Several spots open in 10/10 and 10/9 alliances . Seeking both battlers and explorers. If you enjoy arenas and hunting for DNA, are in need of a positive alliance experience with active players, or looking to reignite your passion, there is a place for you in one of our alliances. Join other players that share your game play style.

Wanting to share a post from an alliance in ARK. It’s an amazing testament as to how ARK can help you as a player and alliance maximize on your JWA fun and get to 10/10. Timmy What Is It is now 10/10.

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Several new very active alliances have joined ARK and are looking for active players who want something more than the regular grind. Reignite your passion for JWA and join us. Together we can achieve more. Like level 20 sanctuaries built in less than a day! Message on Discord or send a PM.

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Interested in seeing how a level 20 sanctuary can be created in a day?

Swamp Chomp, one of our awesome alliance partner in ARK, is looking for two battlers. If you are looking for an alliance that is tight-knit and very involved. This is the one. Please contact @SwampKid84.

¿Hablas español? ¡Tenemos la alianza perfecta para ti! Únase a Tyrant Spain, un socio de ARK. Una alianza con un equipo altamente activo y santuarios de nivel 20 construidos en horas.

Do you speak Spanish? We have the perfect alliance for you! Please join Tyrant Spain, an ARK partner. An alliance with a highly active team and level 20 sanctuaries built within hours.

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Nothing is sweeter in Texas than it’s tea, well with the exception of Dysfunctional Dinos leader @LeftOfParis. She and team are looking for active players with a “can do” passion for JWA. You will be rewarded with access to stress free ARK sanctuaries and the support of hundreds of active players like you. Send them a PM and join before the open spots are gone.

Looking for an active alliance this morning? :sun_with_face: We have several spots open in 10/9 highly active alliances. Also, if you are looking for a Spanish or German speaking alliance we got you covered.
Send us a PM or join us on Discord, Alliance Recruitment Korner.

Rare spots open in Jurassic Puffins! Super active and friendly alliance. Please contact Puff Mommy in Discord or send us a direct message.

  • No level requirements at all. We can get you to whatever level you want to be. We have lots of experienced guys who just want to play, in a fun environment.
  • We aren’t glory hunters, but 10/10 and 2 L20 sanctuaries built in hours.
  • If you like to hang out on Discord, and don’t mind some swearing, come and talk to Puff Mommy#6536!
  • They do have a tradition of trading Einia DNA, unless we need something important. It’s certainly not a rule.
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Do you earn the top contributor tiles in your alliance and want a bit of competition? Play with other players just like you in D I N O T H U N D E R .
Become part of a team that plays hard while enjoying JWA to the max.

Looking for a new alliance this weekend? Please check out the many 10/9 and 10/10 alliances looking for active players at the ARK on Discord.

You don’t have Discord or don’t want Discord. No problem. Please send a private message. We will get back to you shortly.

The Dysfunctional Dinos are always on the hunt for strong, dedicated and friendly members to join our family.
Why join us? – We offer 2 level 20 Sanctuaries that are built in less than 24 hours. We always donate DNA.
Alliance Missions - We are currently achieving 10/9 with the alliance mission rewards but we are making progress every week to reach that 10/10 peak.
Communication – Discord is mandatory. We are an international alliance but use English to communicate.
What we want from you
The minimum requirements to join our alliance are to be at least of level 13 and a minimum of 2500 trophies.
We also have a few extra rules we expect you to follow, but these are quite simple and are in place to ensure everyone is doing their part.
If you’re looking for a team that merges the ambition of a top tier alliance, but a fun and friendly environment, we are the team for you. PM your interest to become a Dysfunctional Dino.

Team TI is looking for a couple of good battlers looking to enjoy all the benefits of an active 10/10 team with perks. Check them out.

ARK Teams Keep growing. Check out our latest sanctuaries below for ARK ONE, ARK TWO, and ARK THREE. All Level Players and playing styles are welcome into ARK. Join an active community of passionate players and find the right alliance for you. Please send a Private Message or join me on Discord.

Looking for an active alliance this morning? We have several 10/10s and 10/9s looking for active daily players like you.
Send a PM or let’s chat on Discord.

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