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Evil Monomimus?


Does anyone know what monomimus did to Ludia?

It has to be pretty horrible. I have my assumptions, all of which, would be flagged if posted.

Maybe the mods could shed some light on the story. I think the truth will come out someday.


It dodged 15 times in a row, Ludia didn’t get their Nullifiers in the magic 4.


procerathomimus god chicken. all hail chicken


Naw they wanted to make sure we knew terror birds are where its at now.

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monoMINUS hp

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That’s heavy… but true :joy::joy::joy:

Though that dodge SIA will be useful sometimes. And will be able to avoid Draco.


Pls not 1.5


Yes that SIA can dodge most attacks except nullify/definite/precise.
But nerf HP to 2100, that means almost definitely dead in next turn.

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JUST only 3rd time tho.

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Theres a nerf trend. People will complain so much about a certain dino that ludia will nerf it into the ground. Just just takes a few patches to do so. They want to make sure everyone spends all there hard earned coins first. They did it with stegod, and a couple others but mono was nerfed the worst by far. It’s only a matter of time they do it to dracocera. They want to make sure everyone gets it to 30 first.