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This is our discussion thread.
Introduce yourself!
Talk about what new hybrid you are grinding for.
What do you think about new updates?
How is your day going?
Anything you like, within community rules.

My name’s Ayla and I live in the United States. I play other augmented reality games too, but I haven’t actually read over Lydia’s forum rules yet but I’ve been on games where you aren’t allowed to speak of competing games on their forums, hehe. My favorite JWA dinosaur is Ankylocodon. I’ve been grinding for Thoradolosaur ever since I darted a couple in the park on St Paddy’s day… almost got him! I enjoy that our alliance had members from all over the world and we are pretty good about keeping sought after dinos in our sanctuaries for each other. Hopefully soon we can break into the level 8 weekly reward boxes regularly.

Hey there I’m Katie…Thanks for setting this up. I kind of just wanted to find out a bit more about people in the alliance since I feel like I know you a bit through chats and there’s only so much you can say in three lines. About me:

I’m 43 (I think)
I live in a small village north of Bolton (England) which is about 15 miles north of Manchester. No I am not a united fan. Nobody from Manchester is!
I work as a senior operations manager in a business which is very much essential at the moment and I play JWA on the train to work and back. And I’ve been at work EVERY SINGLE DAY since this whole thing started!
I’m single with no kids
My favourite Dino by a mile is Indo Gen 2
I’m in the Lockwood estate stage

Just wondered if anyone else had any ‘rituals’ that they do? So for instance:

I have to:

Have collected all the dinos, supply boxes and incubators available to me before my train comes

Have completed all daily missions before I get into Manchester (29 minutes)

Have to have a full set of battle incubators before I get into Manchester

Am I just odd or does anyone else have funny habits?!

Great to virtually meet you all guys!!

I’m after thoradolosaur too but I’m having to do it the slow way as I’ve never seen one. I’m saving up cash to buy a shedload of coins because I’ve some big evolutions that need doing.

Whereabouts in the states are you? I used to live in Minnesota and Florida…

Yeah this is a great commuter game. I live in California and travel over an hour each way to work by light rail and bus. I can grab hella supply boxes. I’ve been stuck at home teleworking since mid March. I’m a lab technician/manager for a plant science lab. I think my JWA routine is about the same as yours.

Thank you for setting this up. I am Faye in the game but my real name is Cameron. I live in Georgia in the USA. I am a cook at a restaurant so I was not essential for about a month but be cause they are opening everything back up I am now an essential worker. I drive to work so I can only play while at my house or during slow times at work. I am not trying for any Dino specific just trying to get as many as I can and making hybrids as I get the required Dino’s for them. I need to do more battles but I just don’t have the time to sit down and play them. So I do supplies, incubators, and dart as many Dino’s as I can.

For got to but I am 30 years old if y’all wanted to know


Hey guys! I’m Dinosaurssss. I live in the desert southwest and I just love its scenery and scenic drives. My favorite dinosaur is utahraptor because it also lived in the desert southwest.

Oh neat!

I grew up in Marietta!

I’m Wick.
I live in Savannah GA.
I like to think that DadJokes is my friend.
I am working on getting Gemini to 30, but after this legendary tourney I decided Entelomoth is probably going to be my next project.
I’m not happy that the collect button and rubberbanding bugs didn’t get fixed, but I adapt.
So far my day is going well… smooth.
Everyday has been roughly the same since I retired in 2011 so luckily 2020 really spiced things up.
After the 12th or so time I got pulled over by the cops, my awesome alliance chipped in and got me this plate cover for my pimp civic. (Totally surprised me how they got my address)


I grew up and live in the southern part of Georgia about 20 miles from the Florida line.

I’m from the UK and I retired a couple of years ago so needed something to keep me occupied other than pokemon go. This game came along and fitted the bill nicely. It got me out walking every day, and I love it.

I’m a bloke and I’m almost 59 now… way too old for this kind of thing some may say!

I don’t really have a favourite Dino but at a push I’d plump for Monostegotops. Obviously it was way better before the massive nerf, but I’ve always liked it.

I have 2 accounts and I’m in two awesome alliances.

The last update was decidedly meh… pointless and didn’t bring anything to the game at all. But hey ho, I’ll keep playing, collecting and enjoying it anyway!

Oh like that band Georgia-Florida line!

Go Dawgs also!

Wow lots of us from the south! I’m from Alabama originally though I live way out here now.

I also have to get one ‘outstanding’ every day and create at least one ‘legendary’ every day…sad!

I’d love that number plate tag…we can’t do that here…you can’t do anything that distorts the plate…

I thought you were in the navy based on your name! I thought how cool bet she gets loads of cool creatures!

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