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Eviscereaper in draft

Just curious, not that I’d be lucky to enough to draft it since I can’t even seem to breed the 4*, let alone the 5*, but why is it only available in the Premium Draft and not the other legendary draft events? Like when you click the information button on the top right of the tab to look and see which dragons can be drafted, it’s not there. Just curious if this was intentional or not. Thanks!

Of course it’s intentional. You’ve raised the chance of hatching on the breed, so use it.

@Byongchang_Lee excuse me, I didn’t do anything. So you don’t have to get snarky with me. I asked a question for the staff as the deathgrippers are supposed to be available for both breeding and draft but I don’t understand why they’re only in premium. If you don’t have an answer, please move along. Thanks.


It doesn’t make sense to be able to use it all. Some other dragons are not available elsewhere. Aren’t you a beginner?
If you want that dragon to have, wait for it to show up over time like any other dragon. I’m sorry to say so coldly.But is it reality.

@Elizabeth_Bounds, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying Fenrir’s Eviscereaper is not available in any other legendary draft events besides the regular premium draft? (sorry if I’m repeating I just like being sure) I know some drafts have only been for certain species, but if you’re also including the overall weekend Legendary draft that is supposed to include all of them, then yes, it would certainly seem that something is amiss.

It could merely be a graphical error, or it could be an actual error where the dragon was not placed there yet. @Ned @Marcus?

Either way, your question is entirely valid, and certainly helpful if it’s pointing out something that was missed.

@Byongchang_Lee, there really was no need to respond like that. It was a simple question. Once a dragon species is released ‘everywhere’, that means, everywhere. Except where it’s stated otherwise. And you can already get the 2* Deathgrippers via hatching, so the 5 * should definitely be available in the Legendary draft with all the others.



Like you said, Ludia staff can explain why Fenrir’s Eviscereaper is only available in the Premium Dragon Draft and not the other drafts.

However, if you are interested in obtaining Fenrir’s Eviscereaper then I would recommend breeding for it.

If you have been doing Arena since it started then you should be very close to getting the first copy of Glaivedriver.

Breed Glaivedriver with Sappheral or Slaughterdijk for a chance to get Fenrir’s Eviscereaper.


@CaptWacky I do have Glaivedriver and am breeding him. Haven’t had much luck yet. I was just curious if he was available on all drafts or if he would just be available on Premium so I know which 10x draw to do when I save my runes. But it seemed unusual that he would only be available in one draft and not the other legendary event drafts. Such as the green dragon (higher chance) draft. It wasn’t on the roster despite being available “everywhere.”

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@Mysterious, yes that was what I was pointing out. FE isn’t visible on other drafts despite being available everywhere and I wanted to make it known.

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Thank you for doing so! It’s a good thing to know and the developers should be made aware so they can proceed with fixing it.


Hey Elizabeth_Bounds, some drafts may not have all the new dragons updated in them yet, rest assured that our team is working on this!

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@Ned Thanks! I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a mistake!

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I have been trying to breed for that one for weeks. No luck. I hope your luck is better!

@Stormchaser2 thanks! I know how you feel! Just got my first 4*. Best of luck to you!