Evoking Spawns

I don’t know if there’s anything to this, but it seems that I can increase the likelihood of spawning certain creatures with simple things.
Example 1) It seems that often a creature is more likely to spawn where there is an active request for it in my alliance. I’ve noticed this a lot.
Example 2) It seems that a creature is more likely to spawn if I put it in the sanctuaries. I hadn’t seen Eucladoceros for over a week, but as soon as I put it in the sanctuary, I got two spawns last night and one tonight.

Either of these examples could be coincidental, and I’m wondering If I’m ascribing too much purpose towards recognizing patterns or if anybody else has run into this. What do you think guys?

It’s just coincidental. If this were an actual feature it would have been discovered and abused to the moon and back by now.


I’ve never experienced this, unfortunately. I’d love to be able to make creatures spawn by me by doing that though! What a dream haha

Worth mentioning that I don’t believe that this guarantees a spawn, but that it increases the probability of a certain spawn by something like 20%. Even with that, it would be substantial enough to play around with, but not enough too exploit.

Too small a test, but I added a utahraptor to a sanctuary and requested DNA. Within an hour one spawned. I rarely see these.


So you’re saying there’s plausibility, it’s not just me and we could continue to test this?

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I’m going to test it further, out of time right now.

Kind of weird that a rare spawned within the hour that I hardly ever see…

I just placed Meiolania in the sanctuary. One spawned within minutes.

Utah and Meiolania are both global spawns. Of course they’ll spawn eventually.

Put a Carbonemys or Euclado in for a real test. It’s just your brain registering the two events as potentially linked where there is no such connection. It’s our base pattern recognition.

You would have to be in a park to test Carbonemys, but Eucladoceros, I did test. It seemed to fit. The annoyance of which being that when it’s in the sanctuary, I can’t level it up.

Also, I am entertaining the possibility that this is a completely boundless theory, but what I’m looking for is somebody who has dug through the code coming in and saying “there’s nothing in the code to suggest this phenomenon.”

Just placed a Seco, haven’t seen a single one yet even though I’m in Zone 3

I’ve seen wild carbonemys in my own neighborhood. Are we sure they’re still park-only?

The only ‘trend’ I have seen is that a scent seems more likely to spawn a certain dino if there is one in the wild nearby. I.e. if I can see a Quetz, my Rare scent is more likely to spawn Quetz’s.

This I could imagine being an unintended feature just because of the pseudo-randomness of spawns (i.e. two things being forced to spawn simultaneously in similar locations).