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Evoluion Success

Hello! Has anyone else noticed a decrease in success % since around the time of the last update? It’s possible I am imaging it but I don’t think so? I had a stretch for awhile there I seemed pretty lucky with the updates! That was useful for the goal of fusing 2 Legenderies within each 3 BDNA cycle…

Oh yeah saw that 6 time I had to fuse for a shuno to 30

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I had to fuse 4 time to get monolophosaurus to level 11 strange

It’s probably just your luck

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It is luck. I evolved gorgosuchus to lvl 11 and it was 1st try while it took 4 tries for a giganotosaurus to get to 11 and the next giga only took 1 try to lvl 11


Typically the higher the rarity, the more likely It is to fail.

Some times I’ve evolved tournament dinos to L40 on the first try, others have failed tremendously. Once I actually failed 2x on a Trike L21 evolution lol.

Just good batches and bad batches of luck, that’s all.