Evolution boycott

So, after tournament rewards and using the bucks to buy some coins, I will have well over 300K in coin. I also have a lot of dinos I could evolve - but I’m not going to. Not until I know what’s going on around here. SS nerf? Will the DoT really be the new thing? What will get buffed? What other ‘nerfs’ are coming? Are they even going to do any of it? Is another tournament really starting so soon?

I have no idea what is coming, so until it arrives, I’m not going to risk the hard earned coin on something that will be made less than what it is now.

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I keep everything on a stall . And i expect sooner or later the 1.5 Update
Then i will decide what will i do.

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I’m continuing to strengthen my core team but holding off on anything else. However, have just got enough DNA to level up my team’s Stegoceratops to L24 but wincing at spending 80,000 coin (which I should have once we get the tournament rewards). Worth it? :thinking:

In my opinion, no, but I have seen ones as high as L26. I stopped with mine at 23 and haven’t used it since.

Thanks - its probably wearing the most likely to get benched t-shirt, not that there is anything coming up any time soon that is likely to make it in. What is your current team?

In these levels I’d prefer Monostegotops since it has nullifying attacks. Goodbye cloak and evasive stance.

Some of the usual suspects, with a few oddballs to counter things like utarinex and dilocheirus. A couple rotate in and out with diorajasaur, or tuoramoloch if I’m in the mood. You can see why I’m holding off on evolving things for now…

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Interesting … less of the “usual suspects” than I was expecting. Is Suchotator in instead of Spinotasuchus simple due to the respective levels? Never got to grips with Gorgosuchus - finally worked out how to use Tryostronix but mine isn’t strong enough yet. My Ankylocodon is lanquishing down at L15 but could level it up a lot - what do you use it for? Sorry for all the questions - trying to make that leap from 4250 upwards!

Actually looking at it now and wondering why Utasinoraptor is in there - great move set but getting the stuffing knocked out of it lately - several one shots. Needs levelling up …

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Ankylocodon is the counter I use for dilocheirus and utarinex, none of their stuns will work and it can slow them down - plus the armor and shield. It usually does a lot of damage, takes a hit or two and then sends them running. I like suchotator for the DoT and the nullify, not to mention the slowing, better moves in my opinion than spinotasuchus - I don’t like hit and run moves either, since I still have no idea who it’s going to pick for me, so spinotasuchus sits. My gorgo is great. The cleansing impact turned out to be a huge buff, those there was grumbling about it when it happened. When the moves worked out just right, I’ve taken out a L28 stegod in one hit.

Tryostonix can be good if the crit lands, otherwise it’s pretty expendable.

I’ve tried to build a team that works well together, no matter who I get - one dino maybe being sacrificed to set up another… that sort of thing, but also being able to swap in a counter to something if I have to, and that one surviving the hits it will have to take!

It’s always interesting to see what other people have, and where they are.

That was kind of my thought. As much as I find it an annoying dino, I’d take out utahsino and go with trago for now.

Your team is almost identical to mine besides Monostego and Pyrirritator.

That’s the swap I was considering. Get what you are saying about Suchotator and have been comparing the two - if the current spawn stays the same I probably have a lot more chance to level up Suchotator. Having the extra nullify could also mean I can bench Monostegotops - love what it does but it is competing with Monomimus for Monolophosaurus DNA - decided to get it up one more level as it is starting to fall behind the team. Thanks for the advice :thinking: Might give Ankylocodon a try especially if it is useful further down the line.

What do you have in their place?

FYI - with my team open and trying to prevent my phone from going to sleep, I accidentally poked the evolve button on my tragodistis… f’n waste of 80K coins.


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@Rantz if I were you I would still level up that indoraptor. Mine is almost 30 and it would take a really hard nerf to take him down.

I do agree on the others. When a change is about to happen it’s always safe to wait if possible. Coins are precious we never have enough of them

Oh no! Sorry! :sob: :

Could be worse I suppose… I could have paid for those coins. :rofl:

Just another four days or so of spinning drops and I’ll have 'em back. Still a P.I.T.A.

I-Rex drifts in and out of mine; need to level up my Tryostronix; wish my Utasinoraptor was up to your level - very little Sinoceratops around here. What trophy count did you finish the tournament on?