Evolution boycott

At least it wasn’t a Purrusaurus, either gen :rofl:

True, even though I’m not a fan of the thing, at least it is useful.

I didn’t bother with it, didn’t battle at all so 3600ish. Was trying to just focus on my team for the last month and a half before going back to battling. Wanted to level them up and unlock Indo. Now that I unlocked Indo I’ve started fighting again.

And I think Tryo is gonna get swapped for my lvl 18 Allosino.


Exactly what I did during the tournament and I must say, it was better than I expected! :wink:
Both of us have both dinos of the same level!

just started using gorgosuchus too. mine’s almost lvl 24, not sure if it’s good enough yet.

was going to level up suchotator, then played one at lvl 25 i think and destroyed it. lvl 27 stegodeus took it out and the rest of their team by itself, then decided to put that idea on hold :joy: but now that SS is getting nerfed, it seems useful. mainly as one of the few usable nullifiers.

Have both Suchotator and Spinotasuchus at L18 now … my one concern with Suchotator is its speed; Spinotasuchus has the advantage there but doesn’t have nullify or distraction … arrgghhh! Going to give it a try. Need more Suchomimus (wrong zone but they are nearby); have 48,000+ Irritator Gen 2 :rofl:

Low speed is sometimes good for DOT dinos. For example, when suchotator is faced against indoraptor and tragodists, it can go directly for the wound without worrying to be cleansed right away, and suchotator has more health than spinotasuchus, meaning it can usually survive a thago + APR even a few levels lower while spinotasuchus cannot.

One advantage spinotasuchus has over suchotator is that when suchotator is faced up against an immune dino, it doesn’t stand much of a chance while spinotasuchus can still beat them (magna, tryo, etc.) due to it’s high speed and damage output.

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all depends on the situation. being slower sometimes is better, for anti-cleanse, etc. but the swoop move helps to be faster if you need to get it out of a battle before it gets hit and let the DoT work without your dino dying.

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See what you mean about the speed - being slower means you get to go after their cleansing move rather than before allowing you to get at least one hit in; that’s worked a couple of times now. Liking it on my team but definitely a right time, right place creature - the bleed is useful and having another nullifier is helpful. Need to go hunt some Suchomimus :slight_smile:

I think that also but a good player won’t use the evasive or cloak when faced with a nullifier!