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Evolution Preview System improvements

I wanted to say that first we got the preview of evolution in the evolution tab as evo 10, evo 20, evo 30, evo 40. But after the recent update, it got changed to evo 1, evo 11, evo 21, evo 31. The previous set of evolution previews were better as we got the preview of the stats of the creatures till the end i.e. level 40. But now when we get preview of level 1,11,21,31 we are not clear with the stats till the end. Also whenever we get a new creature we somehow pull it to the tens level.
Please make the preview as it was before, or
make a settings in the settings tab to change the preview as the individual player needs. So if we like the preview of level 1,11,21,31 we can keep it like that or set it to 10,20,30,40. So it will be the best thing to do.


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You can see the level 40 stats of any creature in the market.


in youtube has the evolution of each creature in the game…

Thanks prestine

But we can’t see the stats of level 10,20,30 like before. That system of preview was better as we can get the creatures to that tens level by feeding. So that was kinda better right

But I wanted to tell about the evolution preview which has changed now. Well yeah we can still youtube it.

Um, no. Pristine is @Pristine_nightfury. I’m an older, different Fury.

I disagree, while the old way was comfortable and familiar it did not give any indication what was the next step up from where your level X0 creature was. In this new way of displaying information it is actually more valuable IMHO because you know ahead of time what the result of your fused creature is going to be and what that might do to your lineup.

For instance let’s take Metriaphodon, since this is something I am looking at evolving right now. At level 30 it has ferocity of 15,846, at level 40 it has 22,422, now under the old way this is all the information I would have and I would not know how far away from level 30 level 31 would be and would have to guess. Now that I can see level 31 stats I know that it will be at 18,881 ferocity which is a sizable increase over level 30. I can now plan how to get other creatures to match what it’s after fused stats are so I know where I am headed.

Again my opinion but the level X1 stats are more valuable than the X0 stats.


Also, there is a table shared in Forum with X0 stats of all creatures, but there is no similar table for X1 - which makes current preview system even more valuable…

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