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Evolve team in 2.2: replace Phorusaura by Erlikospyx?

Phorusaura has been in my team ever since I leveled it up to 18. It is a big headache for Magnapyritor. It also does an excellent job finishing off Tryko and Max before they can lift their shields. Its position is based on its decent damage, as well as the double rampage. Your opponent usually won’t swap out Magna/Tryko/Max to save them as whatever they swap in will take too big a hit or two.

Sadly 2.2 will take out both strengths so I am worried about its future. Do you think Erlikospyx will be a good replacement? Erlikosypx’s ingredients are easier to obtain so it has a higher chance of reaching 30 than any other in my roster. I haven’t used Erlikospyx once ever since 2.0 so not very sure about this choice. Here is my team and those I have DNAs to level up (but still working on coins):

I’m also thinking of replacing Pterovexus with Thylacotator.

With all that being said, Phorusaura may still be worth investing in. With Thor taking a hit in raid, Phorusaura could fill Thor’s role in taking out the high damage minion in turn 1. It can also distract the boss or dodge some big hits.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas.

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I would replace something with tenrex. It has the second highest damage in the game and is wild card. It also very good with raids I would also replace vexus with thyla cuz it is the most relivent bleeder right now.

Thanks! I was thinking of replacing Thor by TenRex at some point. With Thor’s arena buff, I wanted to play with it a bit more. I’ll probably swap TenRex with Phoru and see how it goes :slight_smile:

You know that currently, you can move your boosts around for free, so try it by yourself… That being said, I think Erlikospyx/Tenon is the right choice…

The levels for those not in the team are “potential” levels that I have DNAs for, but don’t have coins to level up yet. Most are still at 21 or even locked, thus I can’t just swap them in to try out.

I agree with those who said you should replace It with Tenontorex. You already have 4 speedsters in your team you don’t really need more. Your Tenrex is high level and a really good choice. I would also consider replacing vexus after that nerf, it’s mediocre now. I think Thyla would be a good choice If you want a bleeder.

I agree with all the suggestions so far. Vexus-to-Thyla is an easy choice as I will run either unboosted so very interchangeable. Though I have DNAs for a 28 TenRex, I don’t have that many coins yet so she’s still at 21. I will take boosts off from Phoru and save them for TenRex. Hopefully I’ll save enough coins/boosts/DNAs to get a 29 TenRex into the team by Thanksgiving :partying_face:

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