Evolve Utahraptor or try to create Spinotahraptor


What is everyone’s preference with regards to whether to spend the DNA one way or another?


Spinotahraptor isn’t the problem, because it is even weaker than Utahraptor itself.

The real problem is:
Would you prepare to create Spinotasuchus or Utasinoraptor?

Both are powerful hybrid, but the former is advanced hybrid for Spinotahraptor, make things complex.

Utasinoraptor will give 1 attempt in Sunday, and the other ingredient-- Sinoceratops will give 3 attempts in Saturday. But must power up both Utah & Sinocera until lv15.


Since utahraptor is so abundant it doesn’t really matter. I’m personally going for spinotasuchus since it’ll be far more rewarding when the hard work and farming is paid off.