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Evolved allosinosaur to 21 and I lost all the hard earned DNA!


Hi my game froze and acknowledged to times fusing allosinosaur. And also evolved it from 20 to level 21. When I wanted to use all that hard earned DNA for creating the Thoraldosaur! Why can’t there be an confirmation step: do u want to evolve- no and yes. And can u some how undo it cause I for sure will stop playing if I loose all that progress and coins that I have bought Greetings The_soulcollctr #4735


There’s no way to reverse that as far as I know. I’ve been there though, I accidentally evolved my stegoceratops a couple of months ago and I just stared at my screen for like 30 seconds with this sad little wail lol.
Really sorry that happened to you, I feel the pain!

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Best way to prevent accidents like this is that you never fuse enough DNA to lvl up dino that you want to use for fusing another dino.


I do that now after this happened to me. It’s a joke really that they haven’t addressed it.


Yeah if it would be just epic stegoceratops progress but I’m speaking of my unique Thoraldosaur. I just stopped playing now. Not sure I’ll return.


I accidentally spent 4.5k cash and bought 250k coins, I contacted ludia to see if it can be reversed and the reply is “they don’t interfere with actions during gameplay” i.e. whatever actions happen when game is active is considered gameplay. :roll_eyes:
Lesson learnt.


I space out when fusing…I have a level 17 spinotahraptor from accidentally evolving it on two separate occasions. :ok_hand:


We have all been there. I also stop leveling up an ingredient DNA to the max to avoid this.

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The evolve button is just poor programing to begin with. There is no reason it has to be as big as an aircraft carrier and so super easy to misclick on. Missing a confirm button is also poor programming


Yeah well if not that’s enough for this game… not wasting time on it.


That’s just dumb, quitting over 6 Thor fuses. You claim that it’s a waste of time and effort, and it is… but just on that single creature. Quitting the game because of this wastes ALL the time and effort you put into the ENTIRE game.
Suck it up, learn from the mistake, and move on.

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I can understand the frustration and agree their should be a confirm button.

But its not like allosino is a bad dino. And now your allosino will win alot of speed ties. I pocket evolved my stygi to 17 once… he stayed on my team for a long time and the fact he was faster and hit harder then other stygi won me some matches.

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Well guess what?!
Allosino is in the event for 5 attempts!