hey everyone not sure if it’s been asked before but when you fuse a dino is it always a particular level when you create it? for example my gorgosaurus is on lv12 and I have like 8000dna spare, if I levelled it up and fused it would the evolution Gorgosuchus be a higher level ? or do all rare/epic start at a particular level and then you use the excess to fuse more? I’m wondering if there’s any benefits to levelling up the commons or rares before fusing and creating better ones, bit long winded sorry haha


There are certain levels when fused they become.

Rares - lvl 6 start
Epics - lvl 11 I can’t remember
Legends - Lvl 16
Unqiues - Lvl 21



Level up material dinos before fusing might let you got less ingredient for fusing.
There’s no evidence this could do any benefit for fusing success rate.


There is a point where you need to decide to stop or continue. Example is T-Rex. Everyone should continue until level 15. Then you need to decide whether to go for level 16 or use the additional DNA to fuse into Indominus Rex. This one is easy, use the DNA for Indominus. Others create a decision, use the level 15 for fusing or try to get to level 20 where I can fuse a better one.


righto so fuse/create as soon as possible then and level up from there, makes sense although if creating a rare and your base dinos are a high level then the one you’ve just created will be at a lower level and worse in battle… gutting , thanks


Is anyone getting a glitch where it freezes in the middle of a DNA fusion, and then gives a 31844 error, saying it can’t connect to the game servers, even though you’re on a stable wifi hotspot?


so for indominus if you used a lv20 Trex instead and lv15 v raptor, would it still only be a lv16 when you create it? or would it use the extra DNA? :slight_smile:


No matter the lvl of the fusing Dino’s, the created hybrid will start at that base level regardless


So if your Trex and vraptor are level 30, the Idom will still only be lvl 16 when made.


got you thank you :slight_smile:


What everyone is saying is great. My 2 cents is level up most till 10 anything about that look at the hybrid level you need. Once you have created the hybrid go back to leveling to the next hybrid you are looking for.


was thinking down the line there will be more evolutions available so 10 is probably a good benchmark tbf and then just hoard the DNA :+1:


My response was confusing. I meant that when T-Rex is level 15you can start fusing an Indominus. Or, you can keep leveling up to level 20so you can fuse a Trykosaurus.


cheers for the confirmation and thanks for the help, I’m lv11 and I’m only now starting to play the game strategically, I was well too trigger happy with my coins early on and evolving to level up quicker lol