Evolving the Game

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think the surveys have indicated users don’t want more dragon training levels. Don’t get me wrong, we have enjoyed 175 level of dragon training, but at some point it does become a bit repetitive. So I’d like to propose a way to evolve the game, keep players interested, and maybe even earn the developers some coin. Make it possible to breed dragons.

The challenge involved with breeding dragons is keeping the implementation fairly simple. For instance, only allowing dragons to breed within the same breed (e.g. gronckle and gronckle) keeps things workable. Whereas breeding across breeds (e.g. say a gronckle and a slithersong) quickly becomes a nightmare of too many permutations and too much art work would need to be updated. So instead keep it simple and enabling within the same breed. I’d also suggest that the dragons involved define the range of characteristics, for instance use the min and max fish per hour production from each of the parent dragons, and randomly land the baby’s fish per hour production randomly in that range. That way the dragons being bred essentially define the digital DNA. Also, whichever of the two dragons that the baby dragon is most like, well that is the dragon that the baby will look like, so no art work needs to change. Oh and take a page out of some other dragon games such as DragonVale and don’t complicate things by assigning male or female to any dragons. Just allow any two dragons above a certain level to be bred, maybe with the possible exception of Toothless and Luna. This keeps the implementation simple for the developers. This also keeps it interesting for the players by enabling them to breed their best dragons.

But I also said that there might be a way for the developers to earn some coin… have I got your attention Ludia? So maybe putting two dragons together doesn’t always produce an egg. Because after all, not all blind dates work out. Players could of course try again, and things might work out, or maybe not, again some randomness emerges. But if Ludia made a dragon breeder amber statute, then maybe that would increase the chances that things could work out. Or Ludia could even make a Best of Breed amber statue that could allow the maximum range of characteristics like fish per hour production to be boosted by say 5%, or more by upgrading the level of the statue. I bet players would find those statues highly desirable, be willing to pay for them, especially that second one.

Ultimately evolving the game this way wouldn’t just result in baby dragons being bred, it would keep players interested in the game. After all, with a bit of patience and persistence they could breed and train the dragons they want to boost the capabilities of their flock of dragons. So with this change, not only are players trying to recruit and train dragons, but it expands the game to include breeding and training dragons, which I think would excite a lot of players and keep them playing longer.


Oh and I guess there is one other important detail for the developers… They will want to make a breeding cave for the dragons. After all, we don’t need to teach little kids how baby dragons are made! :grin:

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