Evolving with DNA

Almost every time I’ve tried evolving a dinosaur using DNA, when it’s finished it will say “DNA Results Incomplete.” And then I have to use more DNA to do retry. Is this a glitch or does this happen often and why?

You should be getting progress towards the Dino evolving with each attempt. As long as that is happening it is working as intended. Some Dino’s will evolve on the first shot some will take 6-8 attempts. Just the way the game was set up.

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Ok thank you. I didn’t know if this was a glitch or if that was supposed to happen with certain dinosaurs.

The higher the level of the dinosaur (e.g., Legendary vs. Rare), the more likely it is to take multiple tries. Likewise, the higher the evolution (level 30 vs. level 10), the more tries it’s likely to take. I think the maximum number of attempts an evolution can take is 10. It can be… fun. My level 31 Troodon took three days and some change to evolve. Like with any freemium game, they have to find ways to try to get you to spend real money to speed things up, and evolution, including multiple tries and the extra incubator, are attempts to cash in on our impatience.

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Oh wow! It’s irriatated me the times I’ve had to try 2-3 times so I can’t imagine 10 times!!!