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Exactly what I feared

As soon as 1.7 notes were dropped and stat boosting came to light, I knew this game was in trouble. Thor with speed boosted up to 145, Erlidom with speed and attack boosted, etc. There is no counter to anything anymore. The strategy aspect that made battling fun and interesting is gone. Now it’s down to whoever paid more for stat boosts. Pay to win defined. Dinos that I grinded DNA for A YEAR (I’ve been playing since launch) are now useless. All the time put into this game, all for naught. How is it fair that a speed boosted level 22 Indoraptor now has an advantage over a regular level 28 Indoraptor? A huge slap in the face to all of us who have been playing and grinding for months now. I was totally fine with the way Ludia buffed and nerfed dinos when necessary to create balance in the arena. Now, the floodgates have been opened. There’s no going back.

I’m not saying anything a hundred other people haven’t shared on this forum already, but as a long time player of this game, I just had to voice my concern. I’ve put way too much time (and unfortunately real money) into this game to uninstall, otherwise I would have already. For now I’ve made a “Jurassic World” team, comprised of non-hybrid dinos featured in the new movies with the exception of Indominous and Indoraptor, since they are actually in the movies. I’ve sat at ~5k trophies for a while now, and my trophies are plummeting attempting to battle with this team, but I really don’t care anymore. I no longer feel the need to compete and grind for DNA because there is no longer a point. I will be playing this game very, very sparingly now. RIP JWA, you had a good run.


I wrote previously posted something similar too. Seems most everyone feels this way, except the people who have thor’s, magna’s, and erlidom’s boosted to the gills.

I am growing caustiously optimistic that ludia may have realized what an atrocious idea boosts were and are working ona solution. Though, I feel anything short of a complete roll-back and hard cash refund will not be enough.

Todays monstrous mistake may be the breaking point.


Way before the 1.7 launched , Infact on the day they announced boosts , I was all over this forum saying what a daft idea they were . I kept saying it , again and again .
I take no pleasure whatsoever in saying to everyone and Ludia that I told you so .
What a disgrace the boost system is , notwithstanding todays debarcle , the boost system was so ill thought out and anyone could see the disaster waiting to happen .
Please get rid of it and let’s get back to enjoying the game again .

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Aside from money, I can’t see why they ever thought it was a good idea. There seemed to be so much excitement on here when the notes were released, but I couldn’t see any good coming from it. I haven’t used any of the boosts I have, and don’t plan to (partly since I don’t think I’ll be playing much after this). It was very obviously a - dare I say it? - gross miscalculation. But there’s no way they couldn’t have realized that going in. It was obvious.

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It is a good idea. It’s the people who are to blame. And I don’t even have a unique. Not one single unique nor do I have any Dino’s boosted past tier 4 … Nor do I have many that have more than one or two stats boosted.

And I’m loving this. My Dino’s compete the way I want them too against others who are similar. … Some times stronger

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I have a boosted Thor out of necessity… However, I hate the boosts, as they have completely broken the game… Quit hunting, cause leveling is irrelevant now, and only battle minimally for the daily incubator…


Thor up to 166 you mean :joy::joy:

I still like boosts… when Im playing against someone who has boosted their team in a similar fashion… ie spread around not all in one basket type deal… because it brings a level of mystery to the game… when you see something take the speed indicator and your instantly looking at its stats and tring to figure out what your gonna have to do… even if its just to take enough damage out to set sonething else up.

Sadly i seem to get those matches like 1 out of 5 times if im lucky.

I done the same thing with my team since the 1.7 fiasco started, I removed stronger but less liked dinosaurs from my team and put on ones (even like level 16) that I love, like Indominus Rex!

Also stopped caring about ratin, used to be once rated at 4799 trophies, now I’m at 3600-3900.

Much happier like this, though Boosted Thor that out speed my Indo (don’t have Erlidom yet 110/250) are still clean sweeping my team.
Oh and swap in coward rat boosted to stupidly high damage and health levels.